Hero of the Week: July 18, 2022: Judge Alejandro Recarey, Uruguay and Judge Susanna Zanda, Italy

The Judiciary strikes back!

We are finally seeing good judges applying the law again.

On July 7, 2022, judge Alejandro Recarey issued an injunction to the Uruguayan government to suspend all Covid-19 injections of children under 13 years of age due to the lack of proof of safety and efficacy as well as missing information on the composition of the so-called vaccines. The Montevideo judge ordered the Ministry of Health and vaccine producer Pfizer to provide the necessary information within 48 hours. A subsequent five-hour-long hearing did not provide satisfactory answers, which led to a complete suspension of these experimental injections for Uruguayan minors. The Health Ministry has complied.

The catalog of questions the court demanded be answered is revealing. For example [paraphrased translation from the Spanish]:

  • Did the State of Uruguay conduct independent studies of the information provided by the manufacturers, and were independent studies carried out by the Uruguayan government to verify the safety and effectiveness of these vaccines?
  • Regarding the composition of the vaccine substances, were authentication and quality checks carried out on each batch of vaccines imported into the country? If so, give details of analyses and methodology.
  • Were and are all batches of injected vaccines the same? Do you have effective knowledge of their components? Are graphene- or nano-particulates contained in the vaccines?
  • Why were different types and brands of vaccines administered to different population groups (e.g., age groups, police, health care workers, minors, etc.)?

Uruguay suspends COVID vaccination for children under 13

Justicia dio lugar al amparo y suspendió la vacunación en niños menores de 13 años

In the same week, on July 6, 2022, courageous judge Susanna Zanda in Florence, Italy, canceled vaccine mandates for Italian health care professionals. In her verdict on the case, the judge declared that because the so-called Covid-19 vaccines do not prevent infection, which is obvious from publicly available figures; because of the known serious and even fatal adverse events the new mRNA injections incur; and because of a known risk of genetic mutation…, these vaccines cannot be made mandatory for health care personnel under Italian constitutional law.

Lawyer Renate Holzeisen, who is reporting on the case, says: “This sentence is a demonstration of a great spirit of responsibility…. Reading about this decision we were moved. At long last! We hope that many judges will follow this great example of a great judiciary.”

Firenze, emanata storica sentenza sui sieri. Avv. Holzeisen: “Accertato giuridicamente rischio per genoma umano”

Sentenza del Tribunale di Firenze che riammette alla professione psicologa no vax, Asciuti (ItalExit): “Finalmente la verità comincia a venire a galla”

Vaccino, il giudice reintegra la psicologa no vax sospesa: “Deve lavorare, divieto revocato”