Hero of the Week: August 30, 2021: Dr. Vladimir Zelenko

Solari North American Video Server

“There is zero justification for using this poison death shot unless you want to sacrifice human beings.”
~ Dr. Vladimir Zelenko

Dr. Zelenko reports that he has successfully treated 6,000 patients with Covid, and trained hundreds of physicians to do the same.

He has a special message for us in this video. He just learned that his cancer has returned. He is requesting that we send prayers for him, but even more importantly, for saving humanity from global tyranny. He recommends that we not live in fear, anxiety, or isolation, that we not take the poison (the shot), but rather, that we replace that with God consciousness. If we improve ourselves as individuals – and if enough of us do that – the whole society will improve.

We give thanks this week for Dr. Zelenko and the many courageous doctors who are doing everything possible to protect our health and remain faithful to their Hioopcratic Oath.

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