Health Series: Roundtable on Diagnostic Testing with the New Biology Clinic

A Short Preview:

Nature alone cures. [W]hat nursing has to do … is to put the patient
in the best condition for nature to act upon him.”
~ Florence Nightingale

I often get questions from subscribers and others about diagnostic and screening tests. Are lab tests helpful, or do they borrow trouble? Which lab tests are important? Which ones are useless? Where should one go to get them? How are lab tests validated and how do “normal” values get defined? In this week’s roundtable discussion with four professionals at the New Biology Clinic, founder Dr. Tom Cowan (a returning Solari Report guest) and three of his colleagues—holistic physicians Adam Wuollet and Pamela Shervanick and neurologist Rodney Soto—join me to consider the merits and demerits of lab tests in the context of an integrative and “total” approach to wellness.

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