Future Science Series: Medical Nanobots – Implications of the Wave Genome, Part I

Future Science Series: Medical Nanobots – Implications of the Wave Genome, Part I
Future Science Series: Medical Nanobots – Implications of the Wave Genome, Part I

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“In thinking about nanotechnology today, what’s most important is understanding where it leads, what nanotechnology will look like after we reach the assembler breakthrough.” ~ K. Eric Drexler

By Ulrike Granögger

The specter of nanobots running through our veins has taken hold of people’s imagination as we learn more about the experimental injections being administered to the general population. Is this still science fiction or has it become reality? Why should we care? Catherine asked me to prepare a presentation on this topic as it is now critical to be nanotechnology-literate.

Nanoparticles have been around for thousands of years, but nanotechnology officially started in 1974. The term was used in Japan for the first time by Tokyo University of Science Professor Norio Taniguchi to describe the type of precision work done on materials within atomic-scale dimensional tolerances. Since then, the technology has given rise to nanorobotics, synthetic biology, injectable biosensors, and brain-machine interfaces. The information in this Solari Report is intended to help navigate some of the emerging questions about medical nanobots as well as possible future bio-digital scenarios.

After a brief overview of the scale and manufacturing methods for anything “nano,” I discuss a number of applications and technologies already in use to give a taste of what is possible and what may materialize in the near future. More importantly, we must look at the increasingly blurry line between biology and nanotechnology, and how this affects the electromagnetic field supporting all life forms. This is more than “just” gene-editing with CRISPR technologies or RNA injections. The decoding and manipulation of the epigenome (time) and the hacking of the morphogenetic electric field of organisms (space) depict the real possibility of harnessing the spatio-temporal intelligence of life into a “central nervous system of the earth” (CeNSE) or “Spatial Web.”

Want to be more nano-literate? Join me Thursday for this forward-looking presentation.

For Let’s Go to the Movies, I recommend this fascinating TED Talk, The electrical blueprints that orchestrate life, with Prof. Michael Levin speaking about “living robots” or “xenobots” and how close we are to manipulating the electrical blueprint of life—a metalayer of information that provides shape and function to an organism’s cells.

The electrical blueprints that orchestrate life | Michael Levin
The electrical blueprints that orchestrate life | Michael Levin

Stay tuned for Part II next week. After discussing the (more technical) elements of nano-bio-robotic developments and gene therapies, Part II will go into the question of what happens to the information and energy fields of a body or a species when it is altered on this fundamental level of the nanoscale. It is becoming increasingly clear that in addition to the double helix of DNA it is the epigenome (primarily associated with RNA) as well as the electrical fields of morphogenesis that hold the key to the next engineering breakthroughs. This is why the defense research agency is interested in epigenetic readings. And it is how a real internet of (energy) bodies will emerge.

For Part II, please make sure to watch the TED Talk by Prof. Michael Levin as recommended in Let’s Go to the Movies.

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