Future Science Series: Medical Nanobots—Implications of the Wave Genome, Part II

“Get busy with life’s purpose, toss aside empty hopes, get active in your own rescue…” ~ Marcus Aurelius Meditation

By Ulrike Granögger

After discussing the technical aspects of nano-bio-robotics and gene therapies in Part I, we’ll address what happens to the body or even a species’ information/energy field when it has been altered at the nanoscale level. It is becoming increasingly clear that in addition to the double helix of DNA, the epigenome—primarily associated with RNA—as well as the influence of electromagnetic fields on morphogenesis holds the key to the next engineering breakthrough. This is why the defense research agency is interested in epigenetic readings. It is also how a real “Internet of (energy) Bodies” will emerge.

For Let’s Go to the Movies, I recommend the same video as last week, a fascinating TED Talk, The electrical blueprints that orchestrate life, with Prof. Michael Levin speaking about “living robots” or “xenobots” and how close we are to manipulating the electrical blueprint of life—a metalayer of information that provides shape and function to an organism’s cells.

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Michael Levin: The electrical blueprints that orchestrate life | TED
Michael Levin: The electrical blueprints that orchestrate life | TED

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