Future Science Series: Liquid Crystal Water with Prof. Gerald H. Pollack

Discovery is seeing what everyone else has seen and thinking what nobody else has thought.”
~ Albert Szent-Györgyi

A Short Preview:

By Ulrike Granögger

It has become a truism that our bodies consist of at least 70% water, but despite its enormous volume in the organism, microbiology textbooks do not attribute any significant function to the biological water in our cells. Water in the cell is simply mentioned as a component of the cytoplasm, the mixed fluid that fills the cell.

The classic view of water in cells is that it has more or less the same structure as pure water, with proteins and filaments (that define the skeleton or shape of the cell) swimming around in this aqueous solution. Clearly, though, our organisms are not “walking water bags” with macromolecules in random motion.

One of the capital lessons derived from the Wave Genome is that biological processes are field-like, highly ordered, and based on ultrafast communication. The molecules oscillate in coherence like a wave (soliton). This is in large part due to a surprisingly ordered state of the cellular water which provides both the energy as well as the lattice structure for the information waves to “travel.” The water in the cell is found to be in the state of a liquid-crystal gel that forms at the many tiny interfaces of cellular membranes.

Exactly this is the discovery of Dr. Gerald H. Pollack, professor of Bioengineering at the University of Washington, who has found what has come to be known as the “fourth phase of water”—polarized and ordered layers of water molecules with special properties such as negative charge and different pH.

This fourth phase of water—one of the most intriguing scientific discoveries of the 20th century—has already led to a profound rethinking of how biology works. The energy that builds this charged zone of ordered water is derived from light, including ordinary sunlight, and a battery effect is established inside the cell. But the discovery of water in a liquid crystalline state has since led to many more insights and implications for life, health, technology, and the natural sciences.

This Solari Report is the first of our Future Science interviews on the topic of WATER, which also forms the theme of the 2023 Annual Wrap Up. In our view, understanding water is foundational to building wealth as both financial and living equity.

No one could convey the importance of water better than Jerry Pollack. Prof. Pollack is a profoundly generous mind, a true scientist with an infectious curiosity about the fundamental processes of nature, and a man who has been able to keep a sense of humor and genuine kindness throughout his long and distinguished career. It was a privilege to speak with him.

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