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RE: Your Copy of The Real Game of Missing Money, Volume I

DATE: [Date]

Dear [Name]:

Enclosed please find a copy of the Solari Report’s The Real Game of Missing Money, Part 1. In it, you will find essential documents recommended by Catherine Austin Fitts to do due diligence on U.S. government and related securities.

In October 2018, while most Americans were focused on the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings, the U.S. Congress and Executive branch adopted Federal Accounting Standards Advisory Board (FASAB) Statement 56, an accounting policy that renders U.S. government financial statements essentially meaningless. This follows many years of undocumentable adjustments at the U.S. Departments of Housing and Urban Development and Defense, now totaling over $21 Trillion. Fitts believes the issuance of FASAB 56 is a “material event” in its impact on the credit of U.S. Treasuries and related securities and recommends that citizens and investors take note, particularly in light of the accelerating growth of outstanding federal debt.

Because the current U.S. debt situation has the potential to impact many aspects of our lives, I wanted you to know about this while you have the time to determine what this means to you and what actions are in your best interest to take.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Best regards,