Food Resilience Action for Family and Community: Gardening

Food Series Garden

“Start supporting your local farmers, start a garden, whatever you have to do to figure out how to get a local food supply, start now!” ~ Catherine Austin Fitts

Farmageddon, trade wars, etc. are discussed with Dr. Farrell in the 2nd Quarter wrap up. It’s time to review and upgrade your food supply, resilience, and broader community food culture. Do a brief review of local resources that are strengthening your culture. Know what is ‘Happening’ in your community. A shortage risk horizon of two to five years may inspire new ideas for gardening, edible landscapes, farmers, cooperatives, along with local businesses and restaurants.

World War II Victory Gardens grew within two years to provide as much as 40% of the US food supply. Gardening proficiency takes a few years of practice when starting from scratch. You don’t need a green thumb to enhance your food supply while living a free and inspired life. Apply your skills, gifts and resources in various ways supporting local and regional food resilience. Additional opportunities will be shared weekly this month. The Solari Food Series is a related food culture resource. ~ Solari Team

  • How to Build an Instant Garden: Geoff Lawton Permaculture Online

  • How to Build an Instant Garden

    How to Build an Instant Garden

  • Arnold’s Way Video: My first experience with organic gardening

  • My first experience with organic gardening.

    My first experience with organic gardening.


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