FASAB 56 & $21 Trillion Missing – Catherine Joins Greg Hunter on USA Watchdog


RE Comments made by listeners:

Thank you Greg… a breath of fresh air, as well as Catherine. If I had five people I would like to sit at a table and talk with and learn from, dead or alive, I might pick Jesus, you, JFK, Catherine, and possibly Elana Freedland, just off the top of my head right now… might change, but I am sure I would feel a whole lot smarter and informed after such a sit down.

Spot on. Quote of the year.”

Catherine Austin Fitts is so head and shoulders above all the other guests, she makes them look like amateurs.

This is the biggest scam ever devised. This is the REAL news and all other news is just nonsense meant to distract you from the theft of your money, privacy, sovereignty and LIFE.

Spellbinding testimony.

We are swimming with sharks, and we are the sharkbait, along with our collective assets. I so wish I had her brain.

Great one, it’s a hit.

Where can you get a copy of the Solari report?