Criminal Complaint Against Swissmedic


1 The subject of the present study is the temporary approvals of the two mRNA- COVID ” vaccines ” from Pfizer/BioNTech (Comirnaty®, market share 37%) and Moderna (Spikevax®, market share 62.6%) 1 that are primarily used in Switzerland.

2 First, the authorisation decisions of Swissmedic are presented in chronological order.

3 Subsequently, the mRNA vaccines are examined for their risks and efficacy. The structure in the corresponding section follows the structure of the main document – but one hierarchy level/title level higher, in order to ha ve an additional title level available for further explanations. Subsequently, the hazardousness of Sars- Cov2 is examined ac- cording to the same pattern

4 Finally, some of the publicity announcements made by Swissmedic are examined for their truthfulness.

Oringinal story can be found here.

Media Conference: Criminal complaint against Swissmedic

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