Could this Jewish ban on Covid vaccines turn the tide?

by: Karen Harradine

In a major development which could have far-reaching consequences, a Hasidic rabbinical court in New York ruled on November 1 that it is ‘absolutely forbidden to administer the mRNA Covid-19 vaccine to children, adolescents, young men and women.’

The court heard eight hours of testimony from experts shunned and demonised by Western governments including Dr Robert Malone, inventor of mRNA vaccines, and Thomas Renz, lead attorney for America’s Frontline Doctors suing the US Centers of Disease Control, President Joe Biden and Anthony Fauci. Jews injured by the vaccine also gave evidence.

A rabbinical court usually consists of three people, and some in the US are often lawyers too. They are often formed to resolve issues through the interpretation of Jewish law. The rulings of a rabbinical court outside Israel are often used by Jews to settle disputes within their communities. Some rabbinical courts are conducted in ways which respect secular law, so that rulings can be legally binding and enforceable in a secular court system. In Orthodox Judaism, the rabbinical court will be made up of at least one rabbi and two other observant men, experts in Torah (Jewish law) and the matter which is being addressed.

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