Where Is My Period? with Mélodie Feron and Diane Protat

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Where Is My Period? with Mélodie Feron and Diane Protat
Where Is My Period? with Mélodie Feron and Diane Protat

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I realized that there was a large number of women who. . . had multiple, varied menstrual cycle disruptions, very different one from the other. . . . For some, it’s something of a taboo, and even in the medical world, they were not getting any answers. When you don’t talk about it, and when the doctor says, ‘it’s nothing,’ you feel alone and isolated.

~ Mélodie Feron

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By Catherine Austin Fitts

Around the world, women have reported concerning and often dramatic menstrual cycle changes following receipt of Covid injections—delayed periods, heavier periods, constant bleeding, or conversely, sudden cessation of menstruation—in some instances leading to hysterectomies.

This week, Mélodie Feron, cabinet-maker and mother of two, and French litigator Diane Protat discuss their grassroots initiative “Where is my period?” (in French, “Où est mon cycle?”), designed not only to draw official attention to the varied adverse effects of the Covid shots on French women’s menstrual cycles but also to provide support to the many women—largely dismissed by the medical profession—who are suffering in silence.

“Where is my period?” emerged out of Mélodie’s personal experiences. After rescheduling her appointment “at least 10 times,” she succumbed to the pressure to “protect others” as well as her long-time doctor’s coaxing and, in the summer of 2021, got the Covid injection. The impact on her cycle was noticeable that same day. “Where is my period?” was the result of a casual exchange among Mélodie and other women at her local bakery; the social media account she created drew almost 13,000 subscribers within the first month alone, and continues to receive at least 20 testimonials per day.

Mélodie joined forces with Diane, a talented Paris-based business lawyer known for being “tenacious” and for her excellence in litigation, who is representing 15,000 women who either don’t have periods anymore or are bleeding almost continuously. Diane’s wide-ranging expertise, which includes an international focus, covers the areas of personal injury, medical malpractice, intellectual property, real estate, and (with a Masters in Criminal Law) criminal offenses such as sexual harassment. Diane also teaches at the Sorbonne. During Covid, Diane has been involved in legal cases against lockdowns and against vaccine mandates for health professionals and airline pilots and flight attendants. These cases are now before the European Court of Human Rights.

In addition to legal actions, “Where is my period?” is becoming a force to be reckoned with on the political stage. In April, the women participated in a European Parliament round table that also included French politician and parliamentarian Virginie Joron—one of her most recent activities was submission of a written question to the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control “on the risk-benefit balance of COVID-19 vaccinations for children”—and obstetrician-gynecologist Laurence Kayzer, a physician under professional attack for her medical truth-telling, who observed vaccination harms right away in her menstruating and pregnant patients.

That same month, Diane and Mélodie took part in a hearing before the French Senate’s Parliamentary Office for Scientific and Technological Assessment (OPECST), a committee intended to act “as an intermediary between the political world and the world of research.”

The women have made numerous appearances in European media, including FranceSoir, Marie Claire, and OVALmedia.

Meanwhile, concerns are growing about the potential impact of the experimental injections—and mRNA injections, in particular—on both female and male fertility, with a recent study describing large decreases in sperm counts after a second Pfizer dose. The new Children’s Health Defense film, Infertility: A Diabolical Agenda (directed by Andrew Wakefield, with Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. as executive producer) also makes it clear that this would not be the first time vaccination has been used to implement a covert sterilization agenda.

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Join me for this conversation about the impacts of Covid and mRNA injections on women, an area that leaves us with disturbing unanswered questions about fertility. This interview is public, so please share it widely with anyone who is likely to find it helpful.

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