Metanoia Series: Introduction to New Thought with Rev. Twana Malone 

“It is never too late to be who you might have been.” ~ George Eliot 

By Junious Ricardo Stanton

This coming week for the Metanoia Series, I have the pleasure to explore with my guest, Reverend Twana Malone, another way to create healthy, vibrant, and fulfilling lives by recognizing the creative power within us, using New Thought.

What is New Thought? It is not a new philosophy, but a new way of approaching life using ancient techniques to achieve our goals. Tune in to Metanoia to learn how New Thought, metaphysics, and expanded consciousness can help us thrive even in challenging times. Rev. Twana Malone is Senior Minister of the Center for Peace, Center for Spiritual Living, and has been a student of New Thought for more than 20 years. 

For Let’s Go to the Movies, Catherine recommends Season 4 of Yellowstone, a favorite western action-packed TV series about a family trying to protect their Montana ranch from corporate land grabs. 

Yellowstone Season 4 Official Trailer | Paramount Network
Yellowstone Season 4 Official Trailer | Paramount Network

In Money & Markets this week, Catherine and John Titus will cover the latest events and market developments. E-mail your questions for Ask Catherine or post at the Money & Markets commentary here.

Please join me this Thursday, February 3rd for an inspiring discussion with Rev. Twana Malone.

Talk to you Thursday!

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