Health Series: Faith Over Fear, a Nurse’s Fight to Save Lives with Nicole Sirotek, BSN, RN

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When push comes to a shove, we will seldom disappoint ourselves. We all harbor greater stores of strength than we think. Adversity brings the opportunity to test our mettle and discover for ourselves the stuff of which we are made.”
~ Sister Callista Roy, PhD, RN, FAAN (member of Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet, author of the “Roy Adaptation Model of Nursing”)

~ Publishes on August 18, 2022 at 6:00 PM CST ~

By Jennifer Walters, BSN, RN, PHN, MFA

Nicole Sirotek is the founder of American Frontline Nurses (AFN), a non-profit with the primary objective of educating, equipping, and empowering nurses, patients, and families to advocate for their health care and receive safe and appropriate care. AFN has a weekly Ask the Nurses Podcast, live Zoom meetings, and a fabulous Nurse Advocate Network that is a force of good in a landscape of evil murder-medicine. Since they began in 2021, the Nurse Advocate Network has helped thousands stay healthy, heal from infections without a hospital visit, and navigate/escape hospital systems safely.

When Nicole got a call in early 2020 to fly across the country to work on the front lines of Covid in New York City, she didn’t think twice. For over 10 years, she had specialized in critical care, trauma, and flight nursing, so she was excited to use her extensive knowledge in acute care to help her fellow Americans during the pandemic. Instead of joining others of her stature, however, she walked into a nightmare of medical mismanagement, malpractice, and murder.

The more Nicole fought to keep her patients alive, the more pushback she encountered from the hospital management, until one day she couldn’t take it anymore and reached out to the world via social media for help. Her heartbreaking video went viral—and her anonymity as a wife, mother of two little ones, and a nurse became a thing of the past. The attacks on her as a Covid whistleblower nurse have been brutal, with death threats, home break-ins, and armies of trolls encouraged by TikTok influencers to “Call the Nevada Board of Registered Nursing and report Nicole for misinformation.” As a result, her nursing license is currently in jeopardy. None of this stopped Nicole from doing what she was trained to do: Save Lives.

Join me and Nurse Nicole as we “talk shop” about nursing, zombie Covid nurses, clot shots, and the death care system versus a vision of true health care. She is intelligent, inspiring, and strong, and loves her patients like her own family. Nicole is a true Solari Health Series hero.

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Nicole Sirotek, RN Founder of American Frontline Nurses
“Nicole Sirotek, Rn, Founder of American Frontline Nurses Shares what she saw on the frontlines in NYC in the start of the pandemic & continues to see today, in tyrannical designer hospitals across the United States, to Senator Ron Johnson.”

Kimberly Overton & Nicole Sirotek
“Kimberly Overton and Nicole Sirotek speak in front of thousands of attendees at the ‘Defeat The Mandates’ Rally held at Grand Park in Los Angeles, CA, on April 10th.”

“Whistleblower: NYC’s Covid Nightmare”
Nicole Sirotek on The Highwire, Episode 193: “Faces of Covid” (August 2020)

Whistleblower Nurse NYC, May 2020 (language warning)


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