Food Series: How One Consumer Can Make a Difference with Mike Lobsinger

So the Department does not say you can’t take milk home, or Mr. Lobsinger can’t take milk home and process it in his own kitchen. The statute and enforcement scheme limits their authority there. But he can’t have someone else do it for them. To do that, that person must be licensed.” ~ Danielle Allison-Yokom, attorney for the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development 

By Pete Kennedy

Farming is difficult enough without having to deal with overzealous regulators who take enforcement actions against farmers without any evidence of threat to public health. When this happens, the farm’s customers do not take all the actions within their power to help defend the farmer. 

One individual who did go the extra mile for his farmer is Mike Lobsinger, a retired businessman from Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. When the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development sought a court order against farmer Joe Golimbieski to stop him from selling nutrient-dense dairy products such as raw cream and raw butter, Lobsinger intervened as a party in the case, which largely contributed to the judge deciding the case in the farmer’s favor.

As the push for “unproven” synthetic foods continues, maintaining strong relationships with local food producers and farmers is critical to staying healthy. Mike Lobsinger’s willingness to stand up for his farmer and freedom of food choice sets an example for us to follow.

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