Catherine’s Money & Markets Report: September 19, 2019

By Catherine Austin Fitts


Managing High Strangeness – Maintaining Coherence – Are the Wheels Coming Off the Bus?


Financial Coup Consolidation:

  • Financial Coup Clean Up: DOJ goes after B of A and JPM gold traders
  • Florida Courts – Epstein victims No Money – intel gets it all? Jane Doe Plays move to Southern District of NY
  • Israeli Election: Did FASAB 56 Contribute to Netanyahu Loss? Will Netanyahu be indicted? How Wide Will the Ripples Be?
  • The Post FASAB World: Ed Buck, Weinstein, Epstein, Netanyahu, Contracts Negotiated and Cancelled, Are Private Mercanaries Replacing Israelis?: Will it Accelerate?
  • Robinson Appointed National Security Advisor after polls indicate Netanyahu loss
  • The Brexit Box & Protecting the Offshore Havens while x Amputating the Financial Coup Offshore Laundry/Feeder System
  • 50 AG’s Investigate Google (Everyone but Alabama & California}
  • How this Connects to Solari Report on Forrestal; Farrell Book on McCarthy

The Shift to the Multipolar World:

  • Banks in Iran, Russia Connected via Non-SWIFT Financial Messaging Service
  • US-China Trade Talks; Pork up 50% in ~China; Bank Reserve Ratio Relaxed
  • Trump Proposes a Mutual Defense Treaty with Israel – Making Cheney Look Sane
  • Drone Attack on Saudi Arabia: If Bolton could not stop POTUS 45 from meeting with Iran, maybe a drone attack can
  • Indian Minister Announces Intentions for All Kashmir; Modi & Trump Announce US Rally Together
  • Having Declared Western Hegemony Over, Macron Intends to Move Forward on Pension Reform
  • The Plunge Protection Team Reengineers for the AI World – Goldman Hires Amazon IT Executive as Partner for the Post Jedi World

Are the Wheels Coming Off the Bus?:

  • Multi-prong assault on US military brand and reserve currency status
  • EU Creates Defense Directorate
  • Mattis Takes a Shot at Trump: Trial Balloon or Is Kill Shot Coming?
  • Tillerson Takes a Shot at Trump at Harvard: Netanyahu played Trump on several occasion – an ally that lies
  • Jack Ma 1; Elon Musk 0
  • US Budget – Deficit Over $1 Trillion
  • Central Bankers Push Back on Drahgi
  • The War on Everybody
  • Farmageddon & Labeling Laws

Disinformation & Fear Porn Watch

  • Cover picture on WSJ Worth Contemplating Deeply: Felicity Huffman gets 14 days in jail – so much for “Trust the Plan”


My framework for understanding and managing the UFO phenomenon and distilling it to risk issues and opportunities that impact personal planning.


  • Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

Let’s Go to the Movies:

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