Catherine’s Money & Markets Report: September 12, 2019

By Catherine Austin Fitts


Does it Feel Like Watching the Twilight Zone?

Macron declares the end of Western hegemony as ECB announces major stimulus package

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. delivers an electrifying speech to advocates at a press conference about the passing into law of SB276 & SB714—and asks, “Where are the legal and rational boundaries now that the government can force a medical procedure on children?

Global 3.0 Accelerates: Technocracy, Transhumanism and High Strangeness


  • Brexit Blues
  • 9/11 Anniversary
  • Fed Meeting Next Week
  • Ford is Downgraded
  • Indian MP Mahua Moitra’s Maiden Speech – the 7 Signs of Facism
  • Israeli Global Digital Systems Push
  • AT&T in Play
  • 911 Anniversary
  • Whack-a-Doodle Proposals – Voting Age, Diet Selections, Skirt Ban
  • WeWork IPO Stalls
  • Protecting Yourself and Your Enterprise from Ransomware
  • Social Proprieties: Protecting your children and loved ones from entrainment and mind control – Siri Wierdness


    Pamela Anderson

  • Contemplate what has happened to Whoopi Goldberg

Let’s Go to the Movies:

American Factory

Blast from the Past

Human Communications Between Reality and Official Reality with Jon Rappoport

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News and Views From the Nefarium Sept 12 2019

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