Catherine’s Money & Markets Report: November 21, 2019

~ Money & Markets audio will publish late November 21st with final audio and chapters published on the 22nd ~

By Catherine Austin Fitts


Thanksgiving & the Future of the US Dollar


  • Putin Predicts Dollar Collapse is Soon
  • Election and Impeachment Furballs – How much time are people investing?
  • Tactics for Resource Control: Golf Picture, Climate Change, Divide and Conquer
  • Entrainment and Mind Control: new Truthstream video – Planting Trees vs. Urban Entertainment?
  • UK Labour Party: Companies delisted from London Stock Market who don’t play ball on Climate Change
  • Roger Stone – Convicted on all counts
  • Dow Jones vs. Popsicle Index: Farm Bankruptcies Increasing, Stock Market Running Ahead of GDP
  • Prince Andrew’s PR Disaster
  • Impeachment Furball


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