Catherine’s Money & Markets Report: June 4, 2020


Fed Watch – The Money Moves in on Places with Invasion of 100+ Places

Fed Balance Sheet with John Titus
– Covert operations – engineering false flag US race riots
Let out prisoners, financing protestors, setting up fires, bricks, military drones, is MS-13 in?
New Solari State Tracker of Covid Deaths & Riots
– Vulture fund and Real estate plays
– CMBS Insurance – how is the residential and commercial market going to handle this
– California deficit – $105 B – what will happen to municipal services and employment
– Illinois taps Fed for $1.2 billion emergency funding
– A plan to end local police?
– Markets enjoy Fed put – put Goldman predicts equities will drop 18%
– Fed program for small business – coninsurance – it worked so well for FHA
– Fed, Blackrock and ETF positions
– Skidmore Update on Missing Money & Treasury Market
– House Passes another $3 Trillion Bailout Bill
– Chester, PA: Here come the piratization vultures
– US Dollar Index:
– What happens if Bear Trap eases?
– FT: Money moving out of long Treasury market
– FT: $13 Trillion RMB bond market performs well
– US China Trade Deficit – Airline Squabble

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