Catherine’s Money & Markets Report: February 20, 2020


The Fog and Friction of War


  • Coronavirus Update
  • Stampeding Vaccines: Mandate in China
  • Locusts Come to China
  • The Chinese Banks & the Impact of Quarantine on the Chinese Financial System & Economy
  • China Rx Starts to Dawn
  • Dr. Farrell on Chinese currency woes and space insecurity
  • Hong Kong Woes
  • Calpers investing in Chinese Companies
  • Global Slowdown: Baltic Index, HSBC Cuts 35,000 Jobs; the war on farmers and fossil fuel
  • Munich Security Conference: Lavrov, Role of Space, Europe vs. U.S.
  • George Friedman Explains the Shift to Space
  • Update on State of Our Currency: The digital infastructure & the Climate Change Op
  • Julius Baer launches a digital assets trading and custodial service via a partnership with regulated crypto-specialist Seba
  • Is Biowarfare a Way to Kill Cash?
  • "The Horrible Housing Blunder: The Economist Gets It Wrong": Homeownership is not the problem
  • Johnson's New Post-Brexit Cabinet
  • EU – First Budget Post Brexit
  • Oxford Don Offers to Turn Off the Heat
  • Netanyahu Goes to Trial—but first he tweets about running the world and rewriting the US legal system
  • Bloomberg gaffe on farmers
  • Ah Ha on Entrainment & Phone Purchases from Subscriber
  • US Secretary of Treasury: Significant cryptocurrency regulations on the Way; IRS invites Cryptocurrency firms for a summit


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