Catherine’s Money & Markets Report: August 15, 2019

By Catherine Austin Fitts


He Who Panics First, Panic Best? Maybe Not This Time


  • The Epstein Affair
  • Jedi Wars: Google outs Microsoft on 20 Year Back Door – (Make that 2 Car Garage Door Stuck in Open plus Driveway)
  • Trump Delays China Tariff’s for….Christmas?
  • China Wars: China Squeezes US, Airlines and Fashion Industry over Taiwan. Hong Kong kids kick back
  • Domestic Terrorist Legislative Warfare – Federal and State
  • Brexit
  • Marketing Autism
  • Central Banks War with Deflation
  • Negative Interest Rates: Denmark’s 3rd Largest Bank Is Now Paying People To Take Out A Mortgage
  • Whitney Webb’s series on Epstein and the Mega Group


Congressman Thomas Massie

Let’s Go to the Movies:

Trading Places

Blast from the Past

Pedophilia with Jon Rappoport

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