Catherine’s Money & Markets Report: June 6, 2019

By Catherine Austin Fitts


Civilization is the Greatest Capital Gains Opportunity on the Planet

  • Technocracy, Slobalization, Farmageddon, PPT & the Expense and Psychopathy of Techocracy
  • WOW: #1 and #2 on Plunge Protection Team, Chief SEC Accountant and National Economic Advisor Resign – Wouldn’t You?
  • DOJ – Stopping civil suits against JPM for PM manipulation via criminal investigation – relationship to resignations?
  • DOD teams up with California on Wildfires


  • Latest Developments on Iran and Tensions in the Middle East
  • US – China Trade War
  • Mexico Negotiations
  • Backdoors: Who will get Jedi Backdoors? How will delivery drones connect to Amazon DOD and Intel Cloud?
  • Will China Play Hard Ball with iPhone and Rare Earths?
  • The European Elections
  • California Gentrification Accelerates: Vaccine Exemption, Weaponizing Nonsense, Homelessness, Fire Season
  • 5G Rollout
  • DOJ Investigates Google, Facebook on Anti-Trust; Is Most of Big Tech Next?
  • Israeli Re-Elections
  • Israeli SIGNIT Backdoor via NSA to all US Data
  • Jedi Contract: More Litigation from Oracle
  • Trump State Visit in UK – Brexit Update
  • Ivanka $100 MM deal with Saudis – Is the Trump family doing a cut and run – obvious arm deal kickbacks suggest a FASAB 56 cut and run
  • Powell indicating whatever it takes; Soveriegn Man says offered negative interest rate loan from Danish bank
  • Whole Foods Inventory
  • What’s Up in Australia: Lower Interest Rates;Reporter Raids
  • Baltimore Ransomware
  • Assange Status
  • Bilderberg 2019 – How the system works
  • G-20 Meeting This Weekend
  • Russia-China Swap Deal; Central Banks Buying Gold
  • Hong Kong IPO Market
  • My Tiananmen Square Story

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