Catherine’s Money & Markets Commentary: January 24, 2019

By Catherine Austin Fitts


This Is Not a Shutdown – This is a Government Reorganization


  • Global CEO Resignations: Is a Steady Stream Turning into a Flood? Is managing the gulf between official reality and reality becoming impossible?
  • Will Macron Make It? The Yellow Vests are Not Going Away
  • DOJ and online gambling
  • Hmmm – and down together on Saturday

  • Gundlach forced to shut down his Twitter account
  • China growth slows – still at record breaking high
  • China becomes worlds #1 trade partner
  • The environment: What is going on?
  • Does Abby Rockefeller not know?
  • The IRS and Planatir contract: What is likely coming


Greg Hunter

Let’s Go to the Movies

All the Queen’s Horses

Subscriber Charts Close of January 23, 2019:

Set One: Asia, Commodities, Precious Metals and Brazil

Set Two: Emerging Markets, Europe-Asia-Australia, Frontier, India, International Equities, International Equities Minus U.S.

Set Three: Global Health Care, Europe, Germany, Greece, $ US Dollar, Fixed Income: 20 Year Treasury, 7-10 Year Treasury, Aggregate Treasury

Set Four: US Robotics, US Domestics, US Home Builders, S&P 500 Large Cap, Dow Jones REIT, US Real Estate, S&P 500, High Yield Bond, US Dollar, Gold Miners