Catherine on Her Soapbox

By Catherine Austin Fitts

I would like to propose a contrary theory to the dire views of those looking behind the veil of recent economic statistics.

First, if you look at the amount of money that has been stolen or shifted out of the economy it is more than enough to take care of all that ails us IF we convert to behaving productively.

Of course that means that we can not organize society to support unproductive corporations and food and health systems based on rigged profits and lies.

It also means that our culture will have to adopt “old timey” values. Take care of your business and your family. Good manners. Hard work. Discipline. Caring about those around you. Keeping your word.

So it seems to me that the problem is that we — all of us from the gangsters to the spoiled many – are not behaving like mature adults and all solutions require that we do.

Friendly fascism, lies, covert operations and warfare continue to be the proposed manner of dealing with this. This is part of the assumption that people can not and will not behave intelligently or responsibly – an assumption that is not true IMO. However, fascism ultimately will not work. Which leaves the rest of us asking the question, “How do we implement responsibility on a self organizing basis?” That is not all that is needed. However, it is a critical step.

Most of our discussion assumes that most everyone is going to continue to behave like a pig. Perhaps so. But if that is the case, then there are no solutions. But it is not because there is an economic or financial problem.

When a society runs at a total negative return on investment (we do when you integrate public and private capital) there is never enough money. However, if you change to running on a total positive return on investment on a basis of integrated public and private capital, there is plenty of money.

The debt bubble was never intended as a financial system. It is a control system — one that permits the controllers to engage in a radical re-engineering of planetary resource management and governance.

So – bottom line – are we prepared to shift from an investment model that is focused on immediate investment returns or which is held to a standard of positive returns for investor and total? Conceptually, it is a relatively easy change.

Cap and trade reflects a negative solution – a top down taxation system easily gamed. However, there is a positive way to do it. Make government investment transparent by place, optimize government spending according to traditional standards of performance and accountability and allow equity to flow based on markets to both places (yes municipalities can be financed with equity) and enterprises rather than through rigged systems and force.

What I am proposing at the root is a U.S. debt for equity swap that will work and create astonishing new wealth if we are prepared to function with equity responsibilities and incentives and combine it with sound money systems both globally and locally.

None of this assumes that the human race changes – just that the guys who control the spaceships and guns are prepared to live with something that creates more wealth than massive depopulation. Since they now control the funds that would become the majority of the equity in the debt for equity swap, there should be a way.

That said, depopulation may be considered a safer, more practical solution. I would suggest that prototyping the debt for equity swaps would be a prudent insurance policy. I submitted a deal structure to the CIA through a back door on a way to prototype it using the FHA Fund back in 2000. Someone at Langley should dust it off and reconsider it.

The tricky negotiation, of course, is how such a system can continue to tithe to the black budget. And how do we rehabilitate or otherwise cleanse several generations of varmints whose only skills relate to criminal conspiracies. These, however, are details.

Economic collapse and depression is not necessary as an economic or financial matter. What is necessary is a plan that faces what needs to be faced and lets communities and markets deal with it. So is it possible to fashion the political consensus? Or, perhaps the question is how much pain do we need to endure before we can create the political consensus?

I anticipate that many of you feel it is impossibility. However, “faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.”  A I have said before, now is not the time in the history of our people for a failure of imagination.