Using Cash

By the Solari Team We receive many questions about using cash. We encourage subscribers to share their successful and unsuccessful experiences with using cash—as many already have. Your feedback indicates that telling merchants why you


Financial Rebellion Q&A

Table of Contents Banking Precious Metals Pushing Back on Central Control, “Vaccine” Passports, and CBDCs Taxes Health Issues and Consequences of Taking the Jab Digital Currencies Personal Finance Consequences of Centralization of Control Solari Circles


Cash Every Day

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How To: Avoid Car Trouble

by: James Quaid Avoiding added expenses in this time of runaway inflation is imperative. If you own a motorized vehicle of any type, repairs can be very expensive. Doing regular inspections and maintenance is the

Food & Health

Water Solutions II

Other Water Harvesting Methods: by: James Quaid This is the 2nd in our Water Solution Series. We’re going to be exploring Fog Fences and Solar Stills. These solutions are used typically in arid mountainous areas