Book Review: The Rise of the New Normal Reich by C.J. Hopkins

“One of the hallmarks of totalitarianism is mass conformity to a psychotic official narrative.”

~ C.J. Hopkins, “The Covidian Cult”

By Catherine Austin Fitts

C.J. Hopkins’ latest collection of essays from his wonderful website The Consent Factory is now available: The Rise of the New Normal Reich: Consent Factory Essays, Vol. III (2020-2021). Like his previous volumes of essays, this new collection documents the machinations of GloboCap (C.J.’s nickname for the global capitalist system and the supranational entities at the heart of its machinery) during the “Covid-19 pandemic.”

While C.J.’s first two collections had us laughing all the way, Volume III is more sobering. We live through C.J’s objections to the rise of a totalitarianism seen in its most intimate and invasive forms as he struggles with life in Berlin and what is happening to the people and culture around him. The book’s appeal derives from C.J.’s profound and unending insights into the nature of tyranny and how it affects and changes us. He never once mentions “entrainment technology” or “subliminal programming” or “neurological weapons,” but he describes the cost to the human heart of people who have fallen prey to a false official narrative—whether through good old-fashioned propaganda and fear, or the more sophisticated surveillance, endless financial carrots and sticks, and covert operations that are daily targeting, analyzing, bombarding and herding each and every one of us – one person at a time.

C.J. also helps us understand how to stay sane and nurture our humanity while we are living among people who insist on obedience to rules and regulations designed to destroy our families, our health, and our wealth. He understands the horror of what happens when our neighbors, family, and friends embrace and serve the desk killers.

If there is one thing we must not do, we must not lose our faith, our hope, and our love. That means coming to grips with the reality of what is around us while calling forth the courage to, as C.J. says, add “friction” that grinds the gears of totalitarianism whenever and wherever we can.

The world is full of brilliant, freedom-loving people who have not succumbed to the official narrative. C.J. Hopkins and his ever-growing audience are proof positive that freedom and liberty are alive and exercising power. We are in the game. There are many chapters of this story yet to be written—we have a say as to how things will go.

This is why I always say that C.J. Hopkins’ insights are essential intelligence for navigating these times. My advice? Don’t leave home without him.

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