Book Review: The Iodine Crisis by Lynne Farrow

“But some of us have been educated by surprises out of much that we were ‘absolutely sure’ of….” ~ Charles Fort

By Catherine Austin Fitts

Long ago, I heard an interview of four doctors discussing iodine’s relationship to breast cancer. Inspired, I got myself a bottle of iodine and started taking drops in water. The next time I got lumps on my breast, something that usually happened once or twice a year, I spread the iodine topically on the area. The lumps went away. I have done this countless times over the last two decades. I am convinced if I had instead gone to get a check-up and a mammogram, I would likely be dead from surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy—or certainly bankrupt. You might say that not being able to afford health insurance or a doctor saved me from bankruptcy, a mastectomy, and death. Instead, I spent a few hundred dollars on iodine.

I have a general rule—I don’t see a health practitioner unless a series of old-timey recipes fail to heal the issue. Some of those recipes include ingested and topical iodine.

Iodine literacy is a critical component of navigating what I call “the great poisoning.” Once you understand that there is an intentional goal to weaken you, it is easy to manage and reduce your risk by learning the things you need to know to avoid that weakening wherever and whenever possible.

The importance of iodine is something the Solari Report has discussed often, yet I am constantly reminded that many subscribers have not heard this information nor had the opportunity to learn about iodine deficiency and check themselves for it.

When buying iodine the other day, the seller recommended Lynne Farrow’s book: The Iodine Crisis: What You Don’t Know About Iodine Can Wreck Your Life.

Farrow found iodine through Dr. Sherri Tenpenny and used it to heal herself of breast cancer. A journalist by profession, she used her skills—after recovering from the brain fog of iodine deficiency—to produce a well-written, well-organized, easy-to-read book to help make sure you are iodine-sufficient.

To bring home the point, she tells the story of a village in China that was iodine-deficient. A consulting doctor arranged for an iodine drip into the local water from which the plants could take up iodine—plants that would then be eaten by the villagers and their animals. After a year, here is what happened:

  • Infant mortality dropped by half.
  • Later measurements showed the average five-year-old’s height increased by four inches.
  • The average intelligence of children born after the irrigation project increased by 16 IQ points.
  • Sheep production increased by 40 percent.
  • Animal stillbirths and miscarriages were reduced by 50 percent.

Here is an important factoid: 16 IQ points can be the difference between success and failure—of a child, a family, a community, and a civilization.

Please be certain you and those you love are getting enough iodine. Farrow’s book can help you do so.

Buy the book HERE.

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