Book Review: The Alien Agendas by Richard Dolan

“There must be a way to retain what is best about us, even as we move toward an uncertain future that will surely effect deep changes on the very nature of our existence. To do this, we must retain a memory of our genuine history, of our nature as biological beings, and of the energy, initiative, and creativity that have made us so special. It will require that we retain a commitment to the qualities that make us unique, and a dedication to the fundamental rights of ordinary people against centralized power.” ~ Richard Dolan

By Catherine Austin Fitts

I try to exercise serious discretion when discussing the alien question. My first concern is the potential for disinformation. The disinformation around this topic is significant and growing. Two stories can help you understand the dangers.

The first story is about the effort by a group associated with the U.S. Navy and CIA to persuade me that aliens exist and live among us:

Book Review: The Alien Agendas by Richard Dolan

The second is Carol Rosin’s story of Wernher von Braun’s warning that “Mr. Global” would play the alien card to centralize control after the war on terror and various other ops (such as Covid-19) ran out of steam. These are the games that the few play to control the many.

Von Braun's Legacy - Dr.h.c. Carol Rosin, Manager at Fairchild Industries / Disclosure Project Arch.
Von Braun's Legacy - Dr.h.c. Carol Rosin, Manager at Fairchild Industries / Disclosure Project Arch.

That said, we simply cannot understand what is happening in our world until we grapple with the trillions of dollars of mysterious hardware flying around in our skies and the growing secrecy overwhelming our governments and financial system. Bringing transparency to this area of our lives and the extraordinary technology it has generated is essential—both for cultural sanity and our pocketbooks. Whatever this phenomenon actually is, it is the primary source of inequality, and it is bankrupting many of us. It is also having a significant impact on our society’s strategic direction and allocation of resources going forward. This includes the central bank’s current “Going Direct” Reset, which is building the train tracks to control us centrally through digital financial systems.

The single best book for newcomers to this topic is Richard Dolan’s UFOs for the 21st Century Mind. You will find it recommended in our Annual Wrap Ups under “best books” for the coming year. It explores all aspects of what is happening and numerous areas where it is impacting our lives. If this is a new topic for you, start there. Richard is also working on his next book in his series, UFOS and the National Security State. This series is where you should continue your reading after UFOs for the 21st Century Mind.

Richard has always been exceptionally careful—despite extensive research—about speaking publicly regarding the question of whether aliens exist or live among us. This last summer, he finally gave an executive briefing for members of his website about his assessment and then decided to quickly publish this information in book form. The Alien Agendas: A Speculative Analysis of Those Visiting Earth is the result.

This topic is related to the questions Dr. Joseph Farrell and I will discuss in the Annual Wrap Up in January, as we do every year: Who owns all the debt that has been issued since the creation of the National Security State in 1947-49? Where has the $50 trillion that disappeared during the bailouts and from U.S. government agencies gone? And, is our planetary economy open or closed?

I wrote the following in 2001:

From my experience serving as a member of, and then from the outside as a close observer of, U.S. leadership, I am led to believe that those in positions of power have concluded that a steady reduction in living standards combined with a depopulation/immigration strategy is the most practicable solution to the issue of nonsustainability of our current living standard within existing power structures. I was once asked whether the creation and growth of a black budget in the U.S. was to deal with aliens—i.e., did extraterrestrials exist? I responded that I did not know what the truth was, but that if aliens did not exist, then different parts of the human race had grown so far apart from each other in terms of access to financial and intellectual capital and use of scientific technology that we had become as good as aliens to each other.

We would be well served to end the secrecy and secret money that is destroying our civilization. Doing so requires addressing the question of why our governments are behaving like they are run by aliens, and why we are being mind controlled to the extent that many people feel obliged to adopt cult behavior.

I still do not know what the truth is—including why representatives of the U.S. Navy and CIA tried to persuade me that aliens exist and live among us. What I do know is that Richard Dolan has spent several decades trying to figure this out and has now put forward his analysis of the question. Whether aliens come from other dimensions, the inner earth, the Peliades, the future, the labs at Darpa and Lockheed skunk works or the cloistered offices of Beverly Hills, Wall Street and the City of London, the legal and financial shenanigans around this topic are leading us into tyranny. The future of freedom necessitates an open and honest airing. I am grateful to Richard for this contribution.

I have invited Richard to join me on the Solari Report in the 1st Quarter of 2021 so that we can chew through both his analysis and what it may mean to you and me.

Stay tuned!

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