Book Review: Polyface Designs: by Joel Salatin & Chris Slattery

“One of the greatest assets of a farm is the sheer ecstasy of life.” ~ Joel Salatin

Joel Salatin is one of the most profitable small farmers in America. He and his family have worked long and hard. The innovations that have emerged from their Polyface Farm in rural Virginia have been shared widely through books, workshops, and an endless series of interviews. The Salatins’ energetic output bespeaks of the benefits of healthy food. Their generosity bespeaks of their faith and love of the land and farming.

In Polyface Designs: A Comprehensive Construction Guide for Scalable Farming Infrastructure, Joel Salatin teams up with engineer-turned-farmer Chris Slattery to provide detailed construction plans for everything from his famous eggmobiles to hoop houses and hay wagons.

This is another great contribution from small farmers who not only know how to create successful farms but to grow and inspire a new generation of successful small farmers.


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