Book Review: Plague of Corruption by Dr. Judy Mikovits & Kent Heckenlively

"If you let the government into medicine, they will destroy it." ~ Dr. William T. Fitts, Jr., upon Congress’s enactment of Medicare in 1965

Dr. Judy Mikovits is a retired research scientist who worked for twenty years at the National Cancer Institute. While there, she experienced several highly unpleasant run-ins with Dr. Anthony Fauci. In 2006, she co-founded and directed the first neuroimmune disease institute focused on helping people with chronic fatigue syndrome. In the process, she researched the possibility that chronic fatigue syndrome was being caused by contaminated vaccines and blood supplies. If true, this unpleasant fact could have been the basis of billions of dollars of liability for the U.S. government and the pharmaceutical industry. This is the kind of liability that those responsible will do almost anything to hide or evade—even if it involves destroying careers, bankrupting companies, or assassinating inconvenient witnesses.

In Dr. Mikovits' case, she was targeted by the legal system in 2011. Her experience is one of those complex and often brutal targetings that happens to whistleblowers and fact-based scientists and doctors who refuse to toe the political party line or support the profit-oriented system that now drives the health "sciences." Dr. Mikovits was forced to file for bankruptcy but managed to stay alive with her marriage, church, and friends intact—no small accomplishment. One of the benefits of maintaining your integrity is that you have a core to build upon when you come out on the other side of the political puzzle palace.

In 2014, Mikovits published her first book, Plague (review here), with co-author Kent Heckenlively, an attorney with significant experience with vaccination law and a founding editor of Age of Austism. For legal reasons, Mikovits was then subject to a five-year gag order.

When the gag order lifted, she and Heckenlively published Plague of Corruption in April 2020. This was just as the magic SARS-CoV-2 virus was providing air cover to the central bankers' "Going Direct" global reset by providing the justification for what Jim Cramer has described as "the greatest wealth transfer in history" as well as cover for expanded global central control and police powers. As Dr. Mikovits began giving interviews, her insights about Dr. Fauci and the corruption of the U.S. scientific establishment helped propel Plague of Corruption to the top of the bestseller lists. We all knew the corruption was bad, but the book puts fascinating meat on the bone.

Without a background in the health sciences, I have found it challenging to work through Mikovits' stories and interviews. In an early interview after Plague of Corruption was published, she said at one point with frustration, "Vaccines are bioweapons." I was struck by what a succinct, appropriate description that was. In a later interview, she stated that Covid-19 vaccinations could kill as many as 50 million people, in part because of the retroviruses that many people have from prior contamination in vaccines and the blood supply. Conveniently, their deaths would extinguish the legal liabilities resulting from this longstanding contamination.

However, in an interview with London Real, Dr. Mikovits assured the viewers that she was not anti-vaccination. Indeed, she was an immunologist, so yes, she believed in "immune therapy." Since I have yet to find evidence of any vaccine that has been proved safe and effective but am aware of hundreds of millions of people injured or killed by vaccines, I was stunned that she did not appreciate how her statement could be edited and used. This is especially true when we are facing a whole new generation of "injections" that are not medicine. Leading the development of these 21st-century injections are researchers principally known for their expertise in gene editing and alteration, bioelectronics, nanotechnology, and brain-machine interfaces. If we remember that the pharmaceutical industry, in addition, has a history of using aborted fetal tissue, heavy metals, and various mystery ingredients—including nanoparticles— in vaccines, then only one conclusion is possible: We cannot trust anything coming through a pipeline defined by this level of corruption, politics, and big money. I believe calling these cocktails "vaccines" is a fraud—which is why I refer to the situation as "The Injection Fraud".

Shortly after Dr. Mikovits described her support for vaccines, I was approached by an establishment person who suggested that the way to resolve the mandate issue is to create a new global committee of trusted people, including Dr. Mikovits, to make sure all vaccines are safe and effective. Somehow, that would make mandates OK. My response was an adamant "no." To quote Tina Turner, "We don't need another hero." We need health freedom—and that means no mandates. We do not need central committees of experts. Let every person and parent do their own due diligence, based on the facts and advice of their doctors and nurses, and then decide for themselves. Equally importantly, let's make sure that injections that are not medicine and which do not serve a medical purpose do not enjoy protection from civil, criminal, and financial liability. If you kill people, you should be prosecuted and you should pay. End of story.

One of the questions to think about is why the legal system allowed Mikovits' gag order to end. I say this because honest people who are thrown out of the establishment, such as Dr. Mikovits, run the risk of then getting used by the establishment once again. I would hate to see Mikovits' hard work and sacrifices be manipulated and misused in support of "the injection fraud."

There are numerous nuggets in Plague of Corruption that make it well worth reading. One is an explanation as to the likely assassination of Dr. Timothy J. Cunningham, a leader in the CDC's Division of Population Health, who was drowned in 2018 after making statements regarding the dangers of the flu vaccine. At the time, I tried to determine what had happened but had not been able to do so. Plague of Corruption fills in some of the blanks.

Just as the financial system is used to control, so is the medical system. The noose is tightening, and health and finance are integrating as we move to digital systems. For those of us who do not have a background in medicine or the health sciences, understanding what is happening in medicine and science can be challenging. Mikovits and Heckenlively do a good job of taking us inside the system so that we can understand how bad the corruption is. This is an important first step to make sure that we stop blindly trusting the system. By taking that step, the corruption will be less able to continue poisoning us and those we love.

Mikovits is indeed a hero. But the moral of the story is that we each need to take charge of our own health and be exceptionally discerning when we access medical services and pharmaceutical products. We also need to stop supporting and investing in the people and companies who are doing this.

Once again, the expression is Caveat emptor—"Let the buyer beware."

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