Book Review: Celtic Daily Prayer Books – Book One & Two

By Catherine Austin Fitts

A subscriber recommended these, so I ordered them. I have been reading and using them for prayer and meditation in the morning and at various points throughout the day for several weeks now. They are quite well done, practical, and help me refresh and raise my mind and spirit. It will take me a long time to fully digest them—prayer books are like that—but I know enough to recommend them for those of you who enjoy prayer books. They come from the Northumbria Community in the United Kingdom. Here is their description of Book One:

"The Journey Begins is the first in a two-volume collection of liturgies, prayers and meditations from the Northumbria Community, inspired by ancient Celtic Christianity, but reaching out to bring inspiration and comfort to all today who seek to be still and to find spiritual truth. As a companion for the journey this book offers meditations for the events of life, and liturgies for its seasons. It also provides a two-year cycle of insights and daily reflections with accompanying scripture readings for use in morning and evening prayer. This is a rich treasury that is loved and trusted by individuals, ministers, families, groups and communities across the world."

Celtic Daily Prayer Book 1: The Journey Begins – Purchase here

Celtic Daily Prayer Book 2: Farther Up and Farther In – Purchase here

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