Blast from the Past: Week of January 9, 2023: The Data Beast

“What looks like many different government agencies with diverse purposes, is really a few large defense contractors and banks building and maintaining vast databases that are easily aggregated in powerful ways.” ~ Catherine Austin Fitts

“The Data Beast” is another ingenious Solari Report collection from the past that many subscribers may never have seen. In this series of articles from 2009, Catherine brings together the various aspects of the “data kraken” that is gathering intel on all citizens, transactions, wealth distribution, health profiles, opportunity zones, and even collecting body data.

Fourteen years later, the pertinence and danger of the digital “mark of the beast” have not diminished—on the contrary, central banks are openly marketing it.

This is essential reading to grasp the principal perils of a databased society increasingly controlled by those who own our life’s data.

The collection comprises the following six articles, all of which are available as a single post:

Part I – Disappearing Data; Disappearing Dollars
Part II – More for Main Core?
Part III – The Data of Death
Part IV – Doctor Data
Part V – Chips R’ USA
Part VI – The Data Beast’s Masters

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