Blast from the Past: Week of January 2, 2023: Turtle Forth & Walking By Sees

“I ignored the fact that my situation was hopeless and chose to ‘turtle’ forward. I did my best. I went slow and detailed. I never stopped taking action, moving forward.” ~ Catherine Austin Fitts

“Turtling” is one of Catherine’s favorite verbs; surely you have heard her use it in conversations and interviews. It is in times of great difficulty and adversity, in particular, that the ingenious concept of “turtling” shows its profound power.

A similar idea finds its expression in the phrase “walking by sees”; the solemn trust in what God has placed before us this day is also what we can master.

The new year 2023 will, by all appearances, be a “rock and roll” period on many fronts—a year when we must not stop taking action nor give in to hopelessness as the global “op.” If nothing else, we shall turtle forth. If nothing else, we shall walk at least a “see.”

Read Catherine’s wise instructions on how to do so.

Turtle Forth


Walking By Sees

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