Blast from the Past: Week of December 4, 2023: Solari Food Series: A Culinary History of Christmas

“So let’s celebrate real food and real humans at Christmas this year.” ~ Catherine Austin Fitts

This week, we bring back the popular “Solari Food Series: A Culinary History of Christmas.” Explore a treasure trove of articles, culinary books, and recipe recommendations that delve into the fascinating world of Christmas cuisine.

One of the highlights is a fascinating conversation between Catherine Austin Fitts and Harry Blazer from the renowned U.S. “Harry’s Farmers Market.” Together, they share their unique  insights into the origins of traditional Christmas dishes from various countries. Be sure to listen to Catherine’s enchanting story of a Christmas in Vienna, where she recounts the joy of indulging in the aromatic tradition of Glühwein, a relaxing warm spiced red wine infused with the Christmas flavors of cinnamon, orange, and cloves. Also known as mulled wine, hot wine, or vin chaud, this is a seasonal warming delight that, once experienced, is never forgotten.

Indeed, Catherine is headed out to enjoy more Glühwein at the Christmas Markets of Prague and Vienna during Christmas week, as well as to visit the Silent Night museum and celebration in Salzburg on Christmas eve. We hope your Christmas is equally filled with the fine food, drink and wonders of the season.

Solari Food Series: A Culinary History of Christmas


Harry Blazer

Glühwein (mulled/hot wine)

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