Blast from the Past: Week of August 28, 2023: Shadow Work

Speaking on Money & Markets, John Titus recently coined the term “the Clock Eatery”, a reference to the myriad tiny extra tasks that governments, organized crime, central banks, big banks, and big businesses and organizations are offloading onto consumers and employees—eating up time and energy that could otherwise go toward productive pursuits. Craig Lambert describes it as (paraphrased) the stealth introduction of unpaid tasks into our daily routines without our knowledge. 

Shadow Work is one of the biggest factors in the weekly time budget cost for the average citizen. If we are to “build wealth” in any meaningful way, we must be in control of our productive time and be aware of the full list of time risks that, if unchecked, will eat away at our family and productivity clock. Time risks include, among others, the Great Poisoning, inflation, high interest rates and usury, crime, financial fraud, and the many, many elements of shadow work.

In this 2013 article, republished in 2017 and pulled forward now as our Blast from the Past, Catherine teaches about these forms of shadow work and how to recognize them in our own situations.

Essential education!

Shadow Work or read and download as a PDF.

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