Announcing Subscriber Access to Avatar Update: Personal Opinion of Sofia Smallstorm

“With their food and shelter source slaughtered and carried off on train cars and the white man’s technological supremacy surpassing their every defense, the Comanches were forced into submission. Reading Gwynne’s profound book, it dawned on me that we – the ordinary people of today – are facing technologies as unfathomable as the whiteman’s were to the Comanches. We are the Comanches in this picture. Nanobiotech, with the blessing of its Technocratic parent, is insatiably eager to own us, our lands, our food, our lives. This is the new Manifest Destiny. We may be content with our lot and proud of our accomplishments, but the hungry wolf isn’t. And most of our fellows have no idea of Technocracy’s intentions, might, agenda and superhuman power. It’s really that stark. We are being dispossessed, just as the Comanches were, of all that we have claim to, including our minds and resilience and immune systems, control of which thenano-bio-mRNA-vaccine-monster ravenously seeks.” ~ Sofia Smallstorm, July/August 2020 Edition

By Catherine Austin Fitts

I am very pleased to announce that the Solari Report has arranged subscriber access to Sofia Smallstorm’s subscription newsletter Avatar Update.

I am an avid reader of Avatar Update and regularly quote it. Making it accessible to our subscribers seemed the best way to arrange for links I could use in the Solari Report.

We start with publication of two double editions from 2020 that include Sofia’s writing on the depopulation of the Comanches as well as a report on Alison McDowell’s research on human capital. The report on the Comanches includes some tough stuff – but quite relevant to understanding our history and the world in which we live. Best to understand and face the invisible technology at work.

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