Opportunity Zones: Prototyping Community Technocracy with Patrick Wood

Catherine Austin Fitts
June 8, 2019
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Opportunity Zones: Prototyping Community Technocracy with Patrick Wood
Opportunity Zones: Prototyping Community Technocracy with Patrick Wood

"In a digital age, data about money is worth more than money." ~ Nicholas Negroponte

By Catherine Austin Fitts

This week, Patrick Wood, publisher of Technocracy News, joins me to continue our discussion on technocracy. Make sure you have first listened to our introduction to technocracy here.

In this segment, Patrick and I take a look at Opportunity Zones—a U.S. tax shelter investment vehicle authorized by the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017.

Opportunity Zones teams are prototyping technocracy’s “last mile” in the United States. As global capital returns to North America, opportunities in real estate abound. Entrepreneurs and investors can shift enormous unrealized capital gains out of tech companies and the stock market at a relative high and into real estate (and related digital integration in communities) at relative low prices.

Put aside your prism of national competition. Look at the world through the prism of digital control—the competition to own and access the satellites, telecommunications, information systems, software, and AI that implement “the databeast" is reaching a fever pitch. Or, as Patrick says, “data is the new oil,” and we are entering a new period of "digital despotism."

The implementation and intense competition are accelerating globally. You can see the signs everywhere:

  • Burdensome EU regulatory schemes from Brussels
  • An invasive social credit system in China
  • Mandated systems and software overwhelming U.S. health care, forcing consolidation of independent doctors
  • India’s aggressive push for biometric IDs, online payment systems, and cashless requirements
  • Central banks worldwide developing blockchain and cryptocurrency systems
  • Central bank manipulation of market prices—gold, oil price, and interest rates
  • DOJ and FTC assertion of control of Facebook, Google, Amazon, and Apple before the 2020 elections
  • Competition for the DOD JEDI contract as Amazon and Microsoft emerge as co-finalists
  • U.S. targeting of Huawei—who will have back-door access and win in the 5G rollout?
  • Snowden’s exposure of NSA, Five Eyes, and Israeli SIGINT back doors into your data
  • The push by China to create a separate Internet

In one sense, the backlash of electorates around the world (whether Brexit, the 2016 U.S. elections, or recent European elections) reflects the voice of small business, investors, and professionals against the psychopathy and costs of technocracy—whether against the destruction of productivity or the waste of taxpayer resources to subsidize an exceptionally expensive and fraudulent form of centralization. Unfortunately, we now have a new wave of “reform” politicians looking to turbocharge technocracy with massive increases in laws and regulations. They appear to be giving no thought as to why we have failed to enforce the many sound laws already on the books—particularly those that relate to financial management and disclosure.

Patrick does an excellent job of helping you understand the deeper story on Opportunity Zones and what it means both in North America and globally. His research reflects excellent experience and understanding of the networks, technology, and economics at work.

In Let's Go to the Movies, I recommend this review of Sean Parker—one of the creators of the Opportunity Zone investment—to give you an understanding of the cultural values of the people leading this effort. In my opinion, Parker and many other tech billionaires have been massively subsidized by the U.S. federal credit—a fact they often do not understand themselves. This raises the question, why do we continue to finance people and companies who not only get rich from using mind control technology to addict our children but think doing so is funny and cool? The time has come to rethink our investments in zero-integrity systems and the people who profit from them.

Tucker Carlson Tonight - November 10, 2017 - Archive

Tucker Carlson Tonight - November 10, 2017 - Archive

You can significantly improve your navigation skills by seeing what is happening. As you do, you will also begin to see opportunities to do something about our tax dollars and the federal credit (and no doubt some of the $21 trillion in missing money) being used to build and promote zero-integrity telecommunication, Internet, information, entertainment, and "smart" technology systems and software that continue to spiritually, culturally, and emotionally drain our families.

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19 reactions

June 15, 2019


I am curious what effect these Opportunity Zones will have on the friends and family in them? I have some within the boundaries?

David Kohler
June 15, 2019

My weekly dose of sanity & balance!

Opportunity Zones … who knew? I must have missed the media coverage on CNBC and Fox Business. Nor was FASB 56 covered. Who would have known!?

‘If we can face it, God can fix it!’ – Quote of the Year for me.

All the Best!

Rebel Commander

Catherine Austin Fitts
June 15, 2019


Catherine Austin Fitts
June 15, 2019

Impossible to say without looking at the specific of each one. The pattern should include increased IT and tech and real estate investment. Could be good for valuations and employment or could make existing residents a target of disaster capitalism.

June 17, 2019

Hi Catherine and Patrick Wood,

Thank you for this wonderful interview and discussion – it was comprehensive and thought-provoking!

After listening, we looked at the map of opportunity zones, and to our surprise, we are in one… in California’s northern region of Nevada County. We wonder how it could be that despite being fairly aware of local ongoings, we had no idea that our rural community had been designated an opportunity zone. We are wondering what this means, and have so far (over the weekend) been unable to learn anything at all on the internet or from neighbors about the plans for our area, why is was designated, and what it will mean during the next few years and going forward.

Also, it seems as though the investments in the opportunity zones must go through approved investment companies? We’re not sure if this is accurate, however it looks like individuals are not able to purchase property and get the tax benefits, etc.

Where can one go, to find out specifically what these designations will mean in a given area, what the details of any proposed development are or will be, and what new infrastructure and smart plans are in place?

Thank you so much!

Catherine Austin Fitts
June 17, 2019

The zone should have been designated by your state. I would check with both the local development agency and state development agency to find out what it means, You should also check any recent state and local bond prospectus at the EMMA system to see if they say anything. If you have not listened to the Solari Report on mapping your local ecosystems, I would recommend it.

Catherine Austin Fitts
June 17, 2019

If the local or state economic development agencies can not address your questions, let me know – and I will do some sleuthing.


June 18, 2019

Thank you Catherine!

After spending much of the day on the phone and internet, we learned:
– Our local agencies (building & planning dept) know nothing, and are not even familiar with the words Opportunity Zones. After looking online, they directed us to reach out to the Dept of Finance.
– The Dept of Finance was only able to confirm where the Opportunity Zones are, and claim that they have nothing to do with overseeing anything going forward. They directed us to reach out to the Treasury, and perhaps federal inter-agency work groups, however they did not know the name of the work group(s) or have any contact information.

At this point, it looks like because the investment funds are private, they are not required to disclose what their development plans are for any given Opportunity Zone. We find it all quite unsettling – for the future of all the Opportunity Zones. Seems there must be a way to learn what plans are in the works…!

Any additional directions or information you can direct us to, or provide would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you again!

Catherine Austin Fitts
June 18, 2019

Wow. Ok, well this needs running down. Can you send your designated zip for the Opportunity Zone to askcatherine@solari.com – need to confirm the specific zone, county and state. Thanks@

Robert Lord
June 21, 2019

Catherine, I do hope you and Mr. Wood continue to keep in touch as he is a wealth of information. He is like a gold mine, first he taps into a small gold vein and as he keeps drilling the bigger the gold vein gets.

I see there is an zone in Bolivar near you.

Many of the 8700 designated zones in America are in rural areas, especially west of the Mississippi River and if the plan is to provide smart city technology to the areas the cheapest way is shared by Jason Bawden-Smith’s book “In the Dark”. According to him the 4 major players are Google, Facebook, SpaceX and One Web by using balloons, drones, and satellites. Google project is named “Loon” to provide wireless internet connections using high-altitude balloon network to provide internet access to rural areas.

Any idea if HUD will have a role in the opportunity zones? Got to provide housing, maybe HUD change expand their guidelines to allow the financing of “Tiny Homes”. I have watched a few youtube videos of people building and living in tiny homes and it seems they are becoming popular, especially living off grid. I’ll include a video to illustrate how a family of 4 can live in a tiny home.

The first interview you did with Patrick he ended with sharing he has been student of the Bible for over 30 years. Did you get an opportunity to explore that topic with him? As I said, he is a gold mine and the deeper he goes the larger the gold vein.

With his interest in both subjects he may see a relationship between the explosion in technology, an accelerated corruption of mankind, and movement away from the things of God.

Here is the Tiny Home video, 10 minutes long.

Gina Keiser
June 25, 2019

I’ve been looking at the Opportunity Zones in my area. I’m curious where they are going to be in relation to the High-speed Rail system.
The OZ make over on Port if Everett is almost complete. High rise hotels and the local farmers market gets the boot.

Andrea Sandor
June 28, 2019

Quick Question – is the movie “BRAZIL” by Terry Gilliam 1985 about technocracy? On the DVD it says “…perfect future where technology reigns supreme. Everyone is monitored by a secret government agency that forbids love to interfere with efficiency.”

Catherine Austin Fitts
June 28, 2019

Don’t know. I would have to see it again.

duane decal
June 30, 2019

After 40 years of my gnawing away at the matrix, mr. Woods unearths yet another foundational layer to which my reality models must be digested and integrated , Yumm
As someone who lives in northeast PA, The weather is so insane anymore I’m wondering if they’re bold use of weather modification, etc. has unleashed unintended feedback loops that rule foil their plans,,,( was planning to ask Joseph this question at the Giza event this weekend, but my house sitter bailed on me so I had to cancel! So bummed, have waited 10 years to hang out with him in person)

Catherine Austin Fitts
June 30, 2019

Oh no!

Frankly, I don’t think there is much natural weather in North America anymore.

Gina Keiser
July 24, 2019

I notice there is an Opportunity Zone on the North Slope of Alaska, actually about 1/3 of Alaska.Two things came to mind, 1.)The Interbering partnership map shows a 4 Nation rail project planned(?) North West Alaska. 2.) They seem to be burning the Forest in Alaska in and around the Opportunity Zone.

Catherine Austin Fitts
July 24, 2019

Well that is fascinating. A very significant portion of the land in Alaska is federal. So I wonder how federal land use dovetails with Opportunity Zones. Does this make much more possible with federal lands?

Gina Keiser
July 26, 2019

In Washington State the Olympic Rain Forest is an Opportunity Zone. In North Idaho huge part of the National Forest from Bonnersferry to the Canadian boarder O.Z. As I survey much of the West this is a theme.
Also, locally farmland and small Airports in North Snohomish county are O.Z.
I’m not certain how to figure out what is going to be done in these places.

Doug Harralson
June 8, 2020

Are any of these riots happening in the various cities occurring in areas that were designated as opportunity zones?