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  1. INTERVIEW CENTRAL: Catherine Austin Fitts - Part I & Part II
    Interview by Jeff Neal,, November 2004

  2. Where is the Collateral?, by Chris Sanders for Scoop Media, October 2003

  3. So, Where is the Collateral?, by Chris Sanders for Scoop Media, July 2004

  4. Solari Audio Seminars:
    Navigate the Falling US Dollar
    Is SRI Hazardous to Our Wealth?
    The Real Deal Collection

  5. Financial Sense Newshour 5/04 Radio Show (free streaming audio or transcripts)

  6. Solari & The Rise of the Rule of the Law, Sanders Research, September 2002

  7. The Myth of the Rule of Law: The Destruction of Hamilton Securities, November 2001

See also our Solari resources web pages on The Solari Opportunity and The Real Deal on The Tapeworm Economy

  1. Coming Clean - Solari resource web page

  2. Chris Waltzek 's Gold & Silver Review Internet Radio interviews Catherine Austin Fitts - AUDIO 4/06
    Excellent overview of Solari strategies for the investment community

  3. Questions to Inform Investment Strategy - 12/04

  4. Criteria for Selecting an Investment Advisor - 12/05

  5. Going Local With Your Bank - Solari resource web page

  6. Solari Audio Seminars (order on CD or Web/MP3 Version):
    Special Introductory Collection
    The Investors Collection
    Building Healthy Communities: Spotlight Kalispell

  7. Solari Portfolio Strategy - Catherine's presentation slides 5/30/06
    (if you do not have PowerPoint, click here for PDF version minus the animation)
    See also the Solari audio seminar Solari Portfolio Strategy for a more comprehensive treatment of this material (order individually or save money with the Beyond SRI Miniseries or The Investors Collection).

  8. Who's Your Farmer? Going Local With Financial Intimacy - Catherine's presentation slides 3/2/06.  (if you do not have PowerPoint, click here for PDF version minus the animation).   From her keynote speech presented at the Sustainable Livestock Farmers' Conference sponsored by NOFA-VT — the Northeast Organic Farming Association of Vermont.

  9. An Introduction to the Popsicle Index - Solari resource web page

  10. Solari Investment Analytics - Part VI in the article
    Solari & the Rise of the Rule of Law

For a summary overview and case examples depicting a local solari venture fund and databank:

  1. What is a Solari? - Solari resource web page

  2. Nice ... or Rough? The Solari Idea, May 2003 (4 pages)

  3. Solari Rising: An Illumination of Economic Resurrection for My Neighbors at Easter Time, Scoop Media, April 2003 — how a community might approach launching a local solari
  1. Mapping the Real Deal: Solari, Scoop Media, July 2003 - fictional
      – a short story fictional "backcasting" set in the future (January 2022)

  2. Introducing Middlebury Solari (slide show)
      – excellent ROI in local living economies

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