An Intelligent Conversation about the Environment

Catherine Austin Fitts
January 11, 2019

"If you're yelling you're the one who's lost control of the conversation." ~Taylor Swift

[Originally published on September 11, 2018]

By Catherine Austin Fitts

For many years I worked with a passion to create a financial model that would align our accounting, information, and government financial systems with places. My goal was to create a win-win relationship system-wide between people and living things and the financial system. We could generate immense capital gains and wealth from healing and nurturing the environment. Global citizens could take responsibility to implement real change through the allocation of their time and resources.

I say this to emphasize how important I believe a healthy environment is for all life - including yours and mine.

Our environmental problems are symptoms of an invisible governance system, which has a different map of reality than we do and appears to have different goals than ours. It has purposely engineered our accounting and information systems to ensure central control. If we are to change how we manage and interact with our environment, then first we must illuminate and evolve our governance system, and with it our accounting, information, and financial systems.

Consequently, I am often challenged trying to have an intelligent conversation with people passionate about the environment who are in a state of panic about this or that environmental issue or problem. What I often hear is that they are eager to generate more cost for people and families and more wealth and power of the invisible governance system. This, they feel, is not a problem since everything is such an emergency.

For me to have an intelligent conversation about the environment, I must be able to integrate the following factors:

    1. Space:
    - What is happening in space and how does space weather - including the sun and other planets in our galaxy - relate to our environment on earth?
    2. Environmental changes throughout history:
    - What are the cycles historically on Planet Earth—not just over the last 100 years, but over the last 100,000 years or more?
    3. Deterioration in the electromagnetic field:
    - What is happening in the planet's electromagnetic field?
    4. Geophysical condition of the earth:
    - What is the geophysical condition of the earth?
    - What risks does that pose to human and other living things?
    5. Air:
    - What is the oxygen content in our atmosphere?
    - Why is it declining?
    6. Governance structure:
    - Governance: Who is really in charge? What are the facts of the UFO phenomenon? Who has the most powerful weaponry and military presence? Is there a "breakaway civilization"?
    - Budgets: There is a great deal of money disappearing from bailouts, quantitative easing (QE), and $21 trillion missing from the U.S. government. The governments of the world are spending $2-trillion-plus a year on military budgets. Where is all this money going?
    - Energy: Breakthrough energy has been suppressed for at least 100 years, and possibly for thousands of years. Why? Our dependency on fossil fuel and legacy energy technology is enforced top down. Will we be able to implement low-cost energy through renewables and fusion technologies?
    - Mind control: How do we protect our minds and maps of reality from mind control so we can have an intelligent conversation about governance and the environment?
    - Smart grid: "Smart technology" is often proposed as a solution. However, this technology allows AI to access every aspect of our life, delivers more corporate control, and facilitates invasive mind control. Is more central control really a solution or is it the problem?
    - Debt: Who owns our debt? Are there invisible secret agreements with creditors that function as "treaty agreements"?
    - Fiat currency: Fiat currency is one of the leading causes of environmental damage. At the same time, many environmentalists are financially dependent on the subsidies financed with it. Why the "multiple personality disorder"?
    7. Man-made impacts:
    - Space fence: Why are we building a space fence by ionizing the atmosphere?
    - Nuclear testing: What has the impact been on the atmosphere, including testing in the upper atmosphere?
    - Nuclear accidents: What has the impact been of existing accidents such as Chernobyl and Fukushima? What are the risks of future accidents and challenges of dealing with nuclear waste?
    - Global spraying: Why are we dumping tons of heavy metals and man-made nanoparticles into the atmosphere?
    - HAARP: What is HAARP and how is it being used?
    - Weather warfare: Are some natural disasters a result of weather warfare? What about extreme climate events? Is our weather being manipulated for greater control and profit or to make new territories accessible? Who has this technology?
    - Energy: What is the environmental impact of the political requirement to use fossil fuels or nuclear energy? How will this be impacted by Asia's convergence with G7 incomes?
    - Chemicals: There have been 150,000 new chemicals introduced into the environment in the last century. What effect does that have on climate?
    8. Manipulation:
    - Why do environmentalists so often promote greater governmental and central controls?
    - Why do environmental groups so often continue to support the financial interests most associated with central government control?
    - Why do environmentalists so often insist that our situation is far too dire for the luxury of integrated analysis that includes the issues listed in these questions?
    - Why do people passionate about climate change try to bully me rather than engage in a discussion about the issues listed in these questions?
    9. Invisible weaponry and technology:
    - What is the state of our invisible weaponry and technology, and how does it relate to our weather, climate, and natural disasters?
    - What are CERN and the other colliders, and how do they impact our magnetic core and natural and living systems?

I am happy to discuss the environment, including the climate, from a vantage point of reality. However, if you censor aspects of reality or uncertainty, I can't have an intelligent conversation with you about it.

The next time the bully thing happens - or I meet with the implication that I am uncaring or unfeeling because of a need for an integrated analysis - I can just send the person to this post. While I am hoping to have intelligent conversations about the environment with one and all, the time has come for me to stack functions and bow out with a link.

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35 reactions

Jane Ferreira
September 11, 2018

So so glad you’re talking about this! Really excellent map/outline to what I would agree would FINALLY be an integrated and effective discussion on the environment. There are a couple of things that I would add to the discussion… Under ‘Man Made Impacts’: 1.) Pharmaceutical Industry; heavy reliance on drugs to solve most of our physical and psychical problems rather than taking responsibility for our health and well being in ways that sustain the environment (and us): i.e. pharmaceutical waste, technology, drugs in the body/out the body/and into the environment, etc. etc. 2.) Food Production; CAFO farms, agribusiness, GMOs, global demand for every kind of food all the time, and food as art rather than sustenance etc. Also a couple of other topics to add to the discussion…don’t know where this would fit in but…Heavy Dependence on Technology; obsolete technology and landfills, excessive use of energy, A.I., etc. (I was at a Green Building Council conference in Toronto in 2011 and every outlet was taxed recharging cell phones, laptops, ipads, etc. There was also a tremendous hype over ‘smart meters’, how the environmental lobby was making every effort to mandate them, and how this was a huge money making opportunity for those ‘in the know’… super upsetting for me now as we live in Pennsylvania where the state just mandated smart meters with no opt-out program.) And last but not least, I wish a discussion of the environment would have a ‘spiritual’ component. There is a tendency to make ‘the environment’ the new religion. We’ve replaced our focus on our human relationships with an obsession with the environment which doesn’t help us or our world. I think a good discussion on the environment must include an honest look at our value as human beings and our moral and ethical responsibility to each other. This is a bit of a tangent, Sorry about that! But really pleased to see the possibility of an intelligent integrative discussion on this hot button issue.

Catherine Austin Fitts
September 11, 2018


Excellent comment. I was going to get into food and fluoride and then thought – well, I think they will get my drift. 🙂

I believe one of the leading causes of environmental damage in fact is fiat currency – and other aspects of the financial system. This is all part of a good governance system – it doe not allow a society to get away with murder of itself or its ecosystems.

I should probably ask the question what is the optimal population and is someone intentionally trying to decrease it.

John Dzwonczyk
September 12, 2018

Spot-on, Catherine. All of the questions you ask are reasonable but not part of the universal set that is recognized by the most ardent tree-huggers, who are invariably those whose embrace of personal freedom for all is less tenacious. I happen to like trees and nature in general and am quite sensitive to the environment, while knowing more than the average citizen about its practical and logical connections to the political sphere. Any significant reservation of information on any global subject is deleterious to the conversation on the environment.

Even today as I personally dread the verdict of Florence, I note that CBS Reports blanched not one bit as it blamed climate change (previously, Global Warming) for it. There is no disaster too severe not to politicize. Meanwhile, aware as I am of what HAARP and CERN might be capable of (including affecting solar activity), I am unsure whether these dueling 6 or 7 simultaneous hurricanes are not actually a battle between competing weather weapon systems. Camp LeJeune was the immediate target of the original storm track. The president actually was quoted this morning with “It’s Mother Nature. so you never know. But we know.” That’s about as pregnant a statement as Kasich’s recent characterization of McCain’s demise as his having been “put to death.”

Sue Thomas
September 12, 2018

Very good. i had broken away from environmental groups and tried it again and left. My issue was grazing on public lands after studying holistic range management and their inability to look for solutions outside the box versus dogma. The last group again well meaning people but centrally controlled out of the east. I’ve been living in the west a long time and people move here from the East and get involved in policy with no real connection to the environment and it’s people. Also retired company executives who donate their time but still acting like it’s a corporation. One a retired telecommunications executive a red flag.

Many activists I know have been involved for years and I must say educated more in ideology than reality. I’ve challenged them on grazing issues, renewable energy, the Bundys and other issues you mentioned. I’m an alien voice. it’s entrainment. Their solutions are continued litigation that made the forest service and other government agencies ineffective. It’s a bureaucratic mess of regulations government entities national and local and die hard activists.

An issue about renewables Germany and Australia have the highest use of renewables and the highest rates. I’m on sites where they discuss issues concerning the inadequacy of windmills and there locations killing birds. It’s also a complicated issue money and centralised control.

Catherine Austin Fitts
September 13, 2018

The mind control is so powerful, especially when people do not know it exists. What I am seeing as I travel and spend more time with the Solari subscribers is that our intel is an enormous advantage as we learn to apply and use it wisely.

Catherine Austin Fitts
September 13, 2018

I listened to a investment webinar today that was pitched from the official reality. It was an Orwellian experience for me. Made me love Donald Trump. He has done more to introduce reality that anyone else in America over the last 2 years.

John Dzwonczyk
September 13, 2018

…and for this, he is vilified as no other occupant of the office, Lincoln and Nixon included, have been. We crave The Grand Illusion.

Sue Thomas
September 13, 2018

Definitely but acquiring all this knowledge and seeing the patterns and drama including the manipulation and lies it’s a lonely universe at times. It’s an adjustment but the more I know, the more I don’t want to know, the more I’m open to know. Through faith and meditation I find peace and strength. Truth is freedom no matter how uncomfortable.

Catherine Austin Fitts
September 13, 2018

Just watched the Google tape that leaked regarding their internal meeting right after the election. They have no idea what they don’t know. Lost in the bubble. Very frightening. This is what happens when there is no transparency about government money contiguous to where we vote for political representation….and not real markets. Very smart people can become dangerously stupid from bad maps.

Catherine Austin Fitts
September 13, 2018

I so understand. I had to go through a period of great loneliness. I went from being very included with lots of friends to a pariah – for many years. But I stuck with it and then started making the effort to hang out with people throughout the Northern Hemisphere who do understand and who are great people – great to be with. And now the loneliness has ebbed. Big World. Lots of great people. You have to go out and find them. They are there.

John Dzwonczyk
September 13, 2018

My wife played the one that is a recording of Google execs addressing employees following the Trump election. One wonders if their anguish was because they believed in Clinton’s “ideology” (perhaps that we should give criminals a second chance) or that they were devastated to learn that their own confidence in steering the course of events was sorely misguided. I do note the redoubling of anti-Trump messaging the past couple weeks.

Catherine Austin Fitts
September 13, 2018

I am not sure. The lack of connection to reality has created a significant dysfunction. The result is that we will be left in Asian dust.

Ginny Howard
September 13, 2018

I recently heard you wondering about how it is that ‘global warming’ is apparently affecting sea levels to the extent that the U.S. navy is in a gazillion-dollar tizzy to get all its ports relocated so they won’t be submerged by ‘rising seas’. I heard about this, just as you did, from Colonel Wilkerson; and it has puzzled me, as well, since I think we two are in the same camp of believing that ‘anthropomorphic climate change’ as it is meant to be understood is a scam; yet this is the apparent rationale given to explain the need to relocate naval bases. Awhile back I did hear one explanation — that ocean warming (therefore sea-level rising) is much more affected by underwater volcanic activity than by surface temperatures. However, that didn’t seem altogether satisfactory, not to mention that I’ve also read on multiple occasions that measured sea levels are moving up at a tiny pace.

Yesterday, I got what seems like a much better answer to this conundrum in a new Kerry Cassidy interview with Deborah Tavares concerning Hurricane Florence. What I understood Tavares to say is that both the U.S. and Russia have now mastered the art of causing storm surges if they choose. Apparently, there is a move afoot, as part of U.N. Agenda 21, for the U.S. government to weaponize weather so as to destroy coasts and severely curtail human habitation along them (part of ‘wilding’) — Hurricane Florence being a possible case in point. I guess if our government does it to us, that’s not a ‘national security issue’, but if the Russians are able to do the same thing, then the navy would obviously see itself in danger, given that we’re so determined to turn Russia into a genuine enemy. And that would explain the ‘need’ to relocate naval installations. I don’t know if Tavares is right, but her explanation is a perfect fit, and she strikes me as a careful, intelligent researcher, very clued in. She lives in northern California and is on top of the ‘thermal gentrification’ (what a classic CAF phrase!) going on there. Website: Interview: Kerry Cassidy YouTube channel (February 12, parts 1 and 2).

John Dzwonczyk
September 13, 2018

Ginny, I suspect we are in the midst of a high-tech global war and I do think that weaponized weather is part of it, see comments below. There are also reports that the entire solar system is experiencing a rise in vulcanism, perhaps due to natural forces. Anthropogenic climate change represents the effects of a fairly weakly-elaborated mechanism, but one that has passionate promoters and believers. In my opinion, you are on the right track.

Catherine Austin Fitts
September 13, 2018

Possible explanations for a weaponized Florence – in order of priority

1. Secret operations, including land/naval shipments from West Africa (US African command) aka the Gold Coast

2. Negotiations/operations related to November elections

3. Distraction from legal and legislative changes underway

4. Additions to GNP – construction, etc.

5. Expect gentrification on the coastal areas.

6. Other (these operations always stack functions.)

Daniel McCamman
September 14, 2018

To manmade impacts I would add the damage being done to the upper atmosphere by
rocket launchers into space. You posted an article on this a few months ago which stated the increase in space shots has the potential to destroy the upper atmosphere which protects us from space radiation.

Catherine Austin Fitts
September 14, 2018

Daniel. Great add. THANKS!

Stacy Sabol
September 14, 2018

Catherine, As an environment engineer, I say BRAVO. The environmental challenges facing us are multi-faceted and complex, and require integrated solutions. Instead in my field, folks often take a stance on one side of the isle or the other, with a firm belief that “My truth is righter than your truth”, which is ridiculous. I respect your inclusive list and thank you for it. I may use it.

Catherine Austin Fitts
September 14, 2018

Thanks, Stacy. I appreciate that given I know only the money side and what I read and see and you have a much more profound knowledge. I hope you add to it. As Daniel has shown, there’s more! The world needs a really thorough framework – at least we start with one that defines the uncertainty.

Stacy Sabol
September 15, 2018

If we solved many of the problems described above and used zero point energy devices, I’m sure the planet could support more, not less. I read an article in The New Yorker a few years ago that said that if you stood every human in a 2’x2′ square, we would fill the State of Rhode Island. Msybe I’m wrong but that does not seem like an overwhelming biomass to me.

Ulrike Gran̦gger
September 15, 2018

A simply superb comment!

What I also often miss in conversations with passionate environmentalists who — I do believe — are genuine nature-loving people, is even a small inkling of the powerful intelligence of ‘nature’ and its/her ability to problem-solve on her own. In their views, nature can only be ‘preserved’ or will die, it does not seem to be able to adapt, morphe and transform into a new victory — just as we do in our lives when we are tested and go through crises. And according to them, only WE can save the environment, a view that unconsciously separates us from HER. While in reality we are mutually embedded.
So the possibility of the intelligence or even consciousness of nature should be taken into account. There is so much proof for it.
What is happening in the Noosphere, not just the Biosphere? How does the sphere of consciousness (Vernadsky’s ‘Noosphere’) contribute to and affect the living sphere? Do our thoughts, conversations, intentions, emotions have impact on life?
And, is our Noos/Mind the only one contributing to this sphere of consciousness, or does it continue outward…?

Catherine Austin Fitts
September 15, 2018

Excellent! I always learn from you, Ulrike! This reminds me of the wise person who upon hearing a strident description of the dimininishment of sun spots and the dire consequences, said, “Perhaps we should all arise every morning and thank the sun for its many blessings.”

Dana Lloyd Thomas
September 15, 2018

Yes, we have to “shun” (as Catherine says) the centralizers and all their works and “front men” and get back in tune ourselves.

Jane Owens Overwood
September 25, 2018

After reading through the comments, especially those who have expanded your thoughtful list, I am wondering if there needs to be an environmental conference much like the secret space program conferences. Instead of inviting the loony UFO crowd, these conferences were made up of practical, open-minded professionals who enlightened the participants to the possibilities and realities of the topic, from proposed vehicles to debt. Similarly, it would be fabulous to get a group of intellectuals who are out of the mind-control loop who, if not able to develop specific solutions, could well provide an array of possible actions which the rest of us can hope to support. I can see this as another CAF holistically centered group… (just typing “out loud””)

Catherine Austin Fitts
September 25, 2018

What a great idea!

John Dzwonczyk
January 13, 2019

In addition to your thoughtful list, might I add the question: What is the end game for
1) Artificial Intelligence?
2) All the Centralization of Control?
3) Harvesting Money from Productive People and Enterprises
4) Space Exploration
5) All the Deceit and Secrecy about Everything.

Perhaps each answer is something noble, and we only need a good a good explanation to give all of it our own hearty backing.

HaHaHaHa. Just Kidding.

John Dzwonczyk
January 29, 2019

With everyone all revved up about the record cold, here is a little publication from 1996 to warm the cockles of one’s heart: “Weather as a Force Multiplier:
Owning the Weather in 2025”

Question is who (or what) is owning and whom is getting owned?

Catherine Austin Fitts
January 29, 2019


Don Hynes
December 17, 2020

Excellent Catherine. Not surprising that the “environmentalists” refrain from questions that challenge their rigid polarities and beliefs. I asked one group how did they square Greta Thunberg’s preaching with her ride back to Europe on a billion dollar net zero yacht. Nothing but invectives, no willingness to challenge the financing behind Thunberg and many of her climate apocalypse cronies. Worst of all is the doomsday preaching to our young people.

Thank you for your reasoned approach and important questions.

Catherine Austin Fitts
December 17, 2020

Obama’s oceanfront property says it all.

Marina Wangh
April 7, 2021

“video unavailable” – could you describe?

Nicole Jacobs
May 19, 2022

What a fantastic article. Thank you! It appears to be a few years old. Have you been able to get any answers?

Catherine Austin Fitts
May 20, 2022

Only the ones we keep working on here. People who promote Climate Change always respond with silence.

lucio menegon
September 16, 2022

Wow, so glad you re-posted a link to this, thank you, Catherine. Sums up most of the things we’ve all been discovering thru Solari and independent research. Always ahead of the curve and consistently building upon the foundation of questions and routes to understanding potential answers.

I’ve spent some time with Suspicious Observers videos of late, pondering the Macro Universe impact on all things planetary and doing something about ‘Climate Change’ vis a vis starting with a concrete plan for good stewardship of the planet on an individual level.