Wrap Up Ready!

Our task is to look at the world and see it whole.” ~E. F. Schumacher

By Catherine and the Solari Report Team

Our theme for 2014 was “Break Away.”

In our Annual Wrap Up for 2013 in January, we introduced the shift in resources from Global 2.0 to Global 3.0 to help you focus on the areas of the economy that are growing.

Throughout 2014, we explored this shift and its impact on global geopolitics and the financial markets:

  • In our 1st Quarter Wrap Up, we focused on the rise of the global consumer as the explosion of smart phones and Internet access in Asia shifted the dominant consumer market eastward and digital systems reorganized retail distribution throughout the G-7 nations.
  • In our 2nd Quarter Wrap Up, we looked at the fraying of the Global 2.0 Institutions.
  • In our 3rd Quarter Wrap Up, we defined the areas of Global 3.0 equity investment .

With each Wrap Up, we published a “Comic Book” – with graphs, charts and pictures to help distill events and financial market performance into an informative and interesting presentation.

For your listening pleasure over the New Year holiday, we are republishing the Solari Report Wrap Ups – both audios and comic books from 2014. If you have not yet had a chance to digest them, there is no better background for our Annual Wrap Up of 2014  on January 8th.

Happy New Year!

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