Great Opportunity to Make a Big Difference – Scared To Debt: America’s Student Loan Scam

Scared To Debt:  America's $tudent Loan Scam

Scared To Debt: America's $tudent Loan Scam

“Learning what is happening to the young people of America is part of facing the intimacy of the evil with which we are all struggling — as neighbors, family and friends continue to believe that it is socially acceptable to create financial wealth for themselves by poisoning our food system, originating debt bubbles, destroying our ecosystems and building a global surveillance and war machine. As a professional investment advisor, I find it challenging to invest in an economy in which so many powerful people are financially dependent upon human failure. Worst among them are those who are financially vested in the failure of our young people, for that is ultimately the failure of the future itself.” ~ Catherine Austin Fitts

By Catherine Austin Fitts

The Solari Report is a contributor to filmaker Mike Camoin and Student Loan founder Alan Collinge’s new documentary in their effort to bring about sorely needed change to the fraudulent and predatory inducement of American students.

I encourage you to join us with your contributions and prayers. Let’s apply widespread power to this wrong which is destroying our mutual future.

From their latest posting:

The student loan scam has grown wider and deeper placing over 44 million Americans (plus their family and friends) under unprecedented financial hardship and chronic economic stress. Make no mistake, this is not a case of the “Bad Borrower.” This is a case of the “Bad Lender”.

Meet filmmaker Mike Camoin and Student Loan founder Alan Collinge:

Ready to reveal the truth about student loan fraud and how to fight back – audiences will learn more about what they can do and when to take action.

Read more and join the team here. . . .

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