Wildcards – Week of 12.03.17

Joker in man Hand over table felt

List of Shadow Government Agendas & Methods
Counter Darkness | 03 December 2017

Weather War Terrorism; Laser Torched Smart Fires, SoCal

YouTube | 09 December 2017
Same exact…kinetic energy…

12-8-2017; Terrorists Controlling Weather Block All Pacific Moisture With Blockade! Fires Burn in CA
YouTube | 08 December 2017
Never have happened if the terrorists…

New Mysteries Emerge from Las Vegas Mass Shooting
Need to Know | 07 December 2017
Police refused to answer…

Huge Weather Phenomenon Captured Over Sweden! 12/4/17

YouTube | 04 December 2017

CIA murdered Bob Marley? Fake? News spreading fast in Montego Bay
ETurbo News | 03 December 2017
Including the music icon…

More than 60 Admirals Being Looked at in ‘Fat Leonard’ Probe, Report Says
Navy Times | 06 November 2017
Simmering corruption…

Robert O. Dean – ET Contact

YouTube | 05 February 2016
2016…Shares his UFO…

Why The Global Warming Agenda Is Wrong

YouTube | 29 June 2011
From 2011…Roy W. Spencer, former NASA climatologist and climate expert…