Wildcards – Week of 10.23.16

Joker in man Hand over table felt

Top US General Pleads With Troops Not To Revolt Over 2016
Daily Caller | 25 October 2016
Furious with…

Secret Nazi Base “Treasure Hunter” Just Discovered in the Arctic
Daily Sheeple | 26 October 2016
Turns out…

Clinton Might Be Moving Toward Social Security Privatization
Forbes | 23 October 2016
Goes back to Bill…

Texas Secretary of State’s Office Dismantling Election Integrity in Texas

YouTube | 23 October 2016
Election integrity advocate press conference…”not to print tape” against the…

CIA Insider Tells 911 Truth. Time to Re-examine Your World-view, America

YouTube | 28 March 2012

Dr. Judy Wood – Where Did the Towers Go?
YouTube | 10 September 2011
On 9/11…

Hundreds of Stars Have “Strange, Alien Signals”
Futurism | 21 October 2016
Or they are ETI signals…

What Nixon Could Teach Trump About Losing
NY Times | 21 October 2016
Voting fraud in Illinois and Texas…

Real-Life RoboCop: Dubai’s Police Force is Getting Android Reinforcements Next Year
Futurism | 20 October 2016
Except in Russia where the police…

Mary Rodwell – Who is “The New Human?”

YouTube | 19 October 2016
Posted to hear theme explained through 7th minute…

The Deep State & Deep Underground Bases – Sofia Smallstorm
YouTube | 02 June 2016
Cumberland gap…