Wildcards – Week of 09.25.16

Joker in man Hand over table felt

No Laughing Matter: How Menacing Clowns are Terrorizing Children and Adults Across the Country… But is it All Just a Halloween Prank?
Daily Mail | 01 October 2016
One vigilante…

Banker Googled ‘Soft Parts of the Human Skull’ Before Killing Wife with Ax, Court Hears
RT | 30 September 2016
Repeatedly stabbing himself…

Strange Deaths of JP Morgan Workers Continue
Wall Street On Parade | 29 September 2016
Bizarre deaths began…

Minnesota JP Morgan Employee, 37, and Her Trader Sister, 42, are Found Dead in Their $1,800-a-night Villa at Luxury Resort in the Seychelles After a Day of Drinking
Daily Mail | 28 September 2016

Syrian Arch Razed by ISIS and Re-created with 3D Technology Arrives in New York City
Verge | 19 September 2016
Goal is to bring…

Julian Assange: Wikileaks E mail We’ve Put Clinton in Jail !

YouTube | 25 September 2016
Conflagration between what we’ve been publishing and…