Wildcards – Week of 07.30.17

Joker in man Hand over table felt

“FBI Anon: Why Does Hillary Clinton Want to Go to War? Because Her Donors Paid for It.”

YouTube | 22 January 2017
Insider information on the FBI’s case against Hillary…

I Am Fishead Are Corporate Leaders Egotistical Psychopaths

YouTube | 23 May 2013
How close are we to five to six percent and what will you do? (2013)

Lord Blackheath Surfaces Again…But This Time It’s Not…
Giza Death Star | 31 July 2017
In order to make a hidden system of ….

Two Key Things That Got Overlooked About Project MK Ultra
YouTube | 19 June 2017
All the way back to Rockefeller…early 1900’s…

Eerie Glowing Cloud Appears on George Washington Bridge
Coast to Coast AM | 01 August 2017

Youtube | 01 August 2017
Some relief…