Wildcards – Week of 05.14.17

Joker in man Hand over table felt

Photobiologist and Light Medicine Expert
Tributaries Radio | 07 May 2017

Atmospheric Study and Gravity Waves
Giza Death Star | 18 May 2017
“Bluff” its way through an encounter with…

Recent Solari Donation
Veterans for Child Rescue
Vets 4 Child Rescue | 20 May
Complete explanation audio…

Ex-U.S. Secret Service Officer Gets 20 Years for Sexting While on Duty
Reuters | 18 May 2017
Pictures of…

Dr John Hall and Robert Duncan – Mind Security and Cybernetic Warfare Part 1

YouTube | 14 October 2016
Satellite Terrorism in…

Jesse Ventura interview with Dr Robert Duncan

YouTube | 03 February 2016
Naval Academy Grad Walks Against Human…

Massive Cyberattack Spreads Around the World

YouTube | 12 May 2017
Paralyzed computers in at least…