Why Larry Summers Must Go Now!

Drain the swamp politics and United States deep state government corruption as a US political concept in a 3D illustration style.

By Scott Thompson and Paul Gallagher

If the rising movement of American patriots is going to clean out the London/Wall Street swamp of the Obama Administration, not only must Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner go immediately; but Larry Summers, Obama’s chief economic liar and cheat, must get the boot, as fast, or faster.

In a national condition of economic collapse, financial speculation, and swindling, brought on since the 70-year-old Glass-Steagall principle of sound national banking was thrown away a decade ago: This is the government official who repealed it. In the national misery of mass unemployment topping 30 million Americans: This is the “theorist” of doing away with unemployment insurance to “make people find a job.” With the Obama “stimulus” act having clearly failed to reverse that mass unemployment: This is the head of Obama’s economic team who, a year ago, ruled out any program of large-scale credits for infrastructure public works, such as was proposed by economist Lyndon LaRouche, and sought by Democratic constituencies and some Congressional Democratic leaders. With more millions of homes being repossessed, nearly 40 million Americans depending on food stamps to eat, and real unemployment rising over 20% of our national workforce, this is the economics chief who loudly repeats, “The economy is recovering,” even drowning out members of his White House team who know the opposite is true.

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