Was it a Rally, Reality TV, Riot Rally TV…?

By Solari Report Roving Correspondant

I feel used.

It’s not a great feeling to be used as a pawn. That’s what happened on the 6th of January, we were used as pawns whether you were a Trump supporter, police officer, and even Antifa. Everyone had a role to play in this saga called finalizing the 2020 election results. They needed to wrap up this sham of an election in a nice neat bow so the power players can settle back in their seats. Not that they ever left, they just didn’t like an outsider like Trump behind the wheel. There was so much hype leading up to this event. It was inevitable that something big had to happen. This was no ordinary traditional passing of electors to Congress. Trump summoned his loyal subjects down to D.C. to take a stand against a fraudulent election and take a stand they did.

Thousands showed up to D.C dressed in full MAGA regalia to show their love, support for the president, and stop the steal. Everyone was to meet at the Eclipse of the National Mall. Get there early to get a seat for the show. People camped out the Mall while others arrived at 6am for the 11am spectacle. I got there around 8:30 to queue up in line to hear the man himself. The number of people that showed up was astonishing and the mood was uplifting. It felt like Mardi Gras. Everyone was having a great time while making their presence known. All the Trump kids spoke except for Ivanka and Rudy made his speech as well. The crowd was amped up and excited. After Rudy spoke there was a strange pause. Trump was to go on at 11am and for an hour after Rudy the crowd waited in the cold to hear him speak. Everyone kept asking where is he?

When Trump took the stage the crowd went wild. He did his usual winning performance of zinging his opponents. He kept repeating, “I hope Mike Pence does the right thing.” Looking back on it now, it felt like a set up knowing that Pence wouldn’t block the electors. At the end of the speech, he gave a laundry list of voter irregularities in each swing state. Then he ended his speech, now head over to the Capital building and let your presence be known and I’ll be right along with you. He never was. It’s a long walk to the Capitol building from the Eclipse. The streets were barricaded along the route to the Capitol building. The D.C.police knew the crowd will be heading up there. By 1:15pm the people in the crowd learn that Pence allowed the electors to be counted and started screaming “Pence turned on us.” At that point the majority of the crowd was still by the mall. Here’s the thing, there was no real anger in the streets. Yes, people chanted USA but speaking to a few people they expected Pence not to block the electors.

I decided to jet ahead of crowd on a Uber bike just to see what was going on at the Capitol building. I found a spot by the parking lot that was close enough for me to watch but far enough for me to get out of dodge if I needed to. People were heading to the building but a lot of people turned back. From the distance it was visible to see a few hundred people climbing up the steps of the Capitol Building. That’s a few hundred out of thousands. If it was truly mob rule thousands would be up there. Here’s another question, where was riot control? The Capitol police knew for weeks the rally would lead to the building. How come the building wasn’t barricaded or surrounded by the National Guard? While the drama was going on outside, inside Congressmen and Senators had their prepared speeches doing their dance for the cameras to challenge the electors but at a certain point everything stop because the building was invaded by “Trump supporters” and Congress ended its session. Perfect timing to not have any evidence of election fraud put on the record. Congress is truly LUCKY. If the people outside really knew what goes on in the halls of Congress and the missing money not only would every Trump supporter raided Congress, Antifa would join in, heck I think the Capitol police would of as well. The reality is we are all on the hook for it for the mess and waste they create.

The rest of the story we all know, shooting, looting, police opening up the barricades and letting people in while Capitol officers were taking selfies with angry mob members. Random looters invading Nancy Pelosi’s office has if any Joe Schmo off the street will be able to find it in 20 minutes. The whole thing reeks of theatrics with the exception of those who were killed or seriously hurt. Perfect storyline for any reality riot TV, death and mayhem.

So where are we today? Biden was certified in a late night session. Even Rep. Thomas Massie questioned the timing to certify electors at 3am during a curfew. Catherine always says change comes from bottom up not top down and maybe it’s time for us, including myself to take on some of the responsibilities to move humanity forward to more of a human culture and not expect one person can make magic happen. Maybe it’s time to stop allowing our inner child to seek out heroes and realize we are actually be our own hero. That we have the power to do the impossible.

The power is within us.