Warning: CDC Wants to Quarantine and Force Vaccinate Americans for Suspicion of Infectious Disease


(NaturalHealth365) On August 15, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) within the Health and Human Services Department published an NPRM – a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking – with the title “Rules for the Control of Communicable Diseases.” This matter-of-fact, sensible-sounding title gives little clue to the bombshell hidden inside: a radical expansion of HHS and CDC powers into frightening new realms.

Under the proposed rules, these agencies could detain, force vaccinate and quarantine American citizens – indefinitely – all without due process. The NPRM provides for the apprehension and examination of any individual that the CDC reasonably believes to be “infected with a communicable disease in a qualifying stage.” The agency also must believe the individual is moving or about to move between states, or constitutes a probable source of infection to others who may be moving between states.

On closer inspection: The proposed CDC rules are even more alarming

For example: the “qualifying” stage can now include something called the “pre-communicable stage,” defined as “the beginning upon an individual’s earliest opportunity for exposure to an infectious agent.” Confusing and unwieldy language aside, what this really means is that the CDC can forcibly apprehend healthy people – people not showing symptoms, people who have not yet been medically examined – and detain them, meaning: take them into custody.
And they can do this with no process of appeal – an outrageous breach of liberty.

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