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DateSubject GuestPDF
2018/12/05Deep State and the Re-engineering of America with Harry Blazer Harry Blazer
2018/11/28Pretty Good Knowledge with Bill Binney and Kirk WiebeBill Binney and Kirk Wiebe
2018/11/22Solari Food Series – Poultry with Bill Niman Bill Niman
2018/11/15 3rd Quarter Wrap Up 2018: MegaCities and the Growth of Global Real Estate CompaniesCatherine Austin Fitts
2018/11/08 The Emerging Multipolar World with the Saker – US-Russian Relations & the War LobbyThe Saker
2018/11/01 Food Series: Your Dentist and Your Health with Dr. Andrew Killgore Dr. Andrew Killgore
2018/10/25 3rd Quarter 2018 Wrap Up: Equity Overview & Blockbuster ChartologyRambus
2018/10/18Learning to Walkabout Harry Blazer
2018/10/11 3rd Quarter Wrap Up: News Trends & Stories Part IIDr. Joseph Farrell
2018/10/04 3rd Quarter Wrap Up: News Trends & Stories Part IDr. Joseph Farrell
2018/09/27 The Solari Wellness Series: The Gut Microbiome—Why We Should CareDr. Tom O’Bryan
2018/09/20 The Real Deal on Inflation John Williams
2018/09/13 Food Series: Navigating OrganicsRonnie Cummins
2018/09/06The Cosmic Implications of Mind ControlDr. Joseph Farrell
2018/08/30We Are All Targeted Individuals Now with Dr. Katherine HortonDr. Katherine Horton
2018/08/23An Afternoon in Sofia with Thomas MeyerThomas Meyer
2018/08/16 Future Science – The Wave Genome – Quantum Holography of DNA with Ulrike GranöggerUlrike Granögger
2018/08/09 The Artilect War: Will AI be the Death of Us?, with Dr. Hugo de GarisHugo de Garis
2018/08/02The Emerging Multipolar World with SakerThe Saker
2018/07/262nd Quarter Wrap Up 2018: The Rise of the Asian Consumer Catherine Austin Fitts
2018/07/19Good Manners with Daniel Post SenningDaniel Post Senning
2018/07/122nd Quarter 2018 Wrap Up: Equity Overview & Rambus ChartologyCatherine Austin Fitts
2018/07/05Solari Food Series: Hog Heaven with Bill Niman & Harry BlazerBill Niman
2018/06/282nd Quarter Wrap Up: News Trends & Stories Part II with Dr. Joseph FarrellDr. Joseph Farrell
2018/06/212nd Quarter Wrap Up: News Trends & Stories Part I with Dr. Joseph FarrellDr. Joseph Farrell
2018/06/14The Cosmology of Jon Rappoport with Harry BlazerJon Rappoport
2018/06/07The Cost of Secrecy with Richard DolanRichard Dolan
2018/05/31The Many Faces of Secrecy with Amy BenjaminAmy Benjamin
2018/05/24Abacus: Winning through the Power of the Law with Dave LindorffDave Lindorff
2018/05/17Under an Ionized Sky with Harry Blazer & Elana FreelandElana Freeland
2018/05/10Enforce the Constitution: The Militias with Edwin VieiraEdwin Vieira
2018/05/03The Emerging Multipolar World with Saker: Why Syria?The Saker
2018/04/261st Quarter Wrap Up: Who’s Who & What’s Up in the Space-Based EconomyCatherine Austin Fitts
2018/04/191st Qtr Wrap Up: Equity OverviewCatherine Austin Fitts
2018/04/121st Qtr Wrap Up: News Trends and Stories Part IIDr. Joseph Farrell
2018/04/051st Qtr Wrap Up: News Trends and Stories Part IDr. Joseph Farrell
2018/03/29The National Security State: What’s Next? with Colonel Lawrence WilkersonColonel Lawrence Wilkerson
2018/03/22The Solari Food Series Harry Blazer Interviews Dr. Miguel AltieriDr. Miguel Altieri
2018/03/15The Lies & Damned Lies of School ShootingsJon Rappoport
2018/02/22The Food Series – Bill Niman – The Godfather of Grass-FedBill Niman
2018/02/15Future Science - Muons and Neutrinos - Excitement and Excitation by Ulrike GranoggerUlrike Granogger
2018/02/08The Emerging Multipolar World with The Saker – Neocons & the War LobbyThe Saker
2018/02/01Solari Food Series - Dr. Don Huber Food PatriotDr. Don Huber & Harry Blazer
2018/01/252017 Annual Wrap Up - Does Your Pension Fund Have a Deep State Drain?Catherine Austin Fitts
2018/01/182017 Annual Wrap Up Triple Header - Equity Overview, Rambus Chartology & Precious MetalsCatherine Austin Fitts
2018/01/112017 Annual Wrap Up - News Trends & Stories, Part IICatherine Austin Fitts
2018/01/04 2017 Annual Wrap Up - News Trends & Stories, Part ICatherine Austin Fitts
2017/12/30Holiday Update
2017/12/28Best of the Solari Report:
Enforce the Constitution!
2017/12/21Best of The Solari Report: The
2017 Wrap Ups
2017/12/14Solari Food Series -
Nourishing Traditions
Sally Fallon Morrell & Harry
2017/12/07Year End Tax Planning 2017 Patty Kemmerer
2017/11/30The Future of Health Care –
Prepping for the Perfect
Jo Kline
2017/11/23The Deep State & Budget
Politics, Part II
Richard Dolan
2017/11/16Enforce the Constitution -
Gun Ownership
Harry Blazer
2017/11/09The War for Your Mind Melissa and Aaron Dykes
2017/11/02Control 101 - 3rd Quarter
Wrap Up - November 2nd
2017/10/263rd Quarter Wrap Up - Equity
Overview & Rambus
2017/10/193rd Quarter Wrap Up - News
Trends & Stories Part II
Dr. Joseph Farrell
2017/10/123rd Quarter Wrap Up - News
Trends & Stories Part I
Dr. Joseph Farrell
2017/10/05Precious Metals ReportFranklin Sanders
2017/09/28The Missing Money - $21
Trillion in Undocumentable
Adjustments and Counting
Dr. Mark Skidmore
2017/09/21Bush, Cheyney 911David Ray Griffin
2017/09/14Solari Food Series the Legacy SeriesChristopher Mann
2017/09/07The Emerging Multipolar
World with The Saker: Cold
Wars, Hot Wars
The Saker
2017/08/31Rudolf Steiner on What We Do
T. H. Meyer
2017/08/27Winning the Fight for Health
Scott Tips
2017/08/17Sanctions - A ConversationCongresswoman Cynthia
Strong Towns Strong Towns
2017/07/27Solari Food Series - Amazon
Buys Whole Foods
Harry Blazer
2017/07/202nd Quarter Wrap Up - News
Trends & Stories Part II
Dr. Joseph Farrell
2017/07/132nd Quarter Wrap Up - News
Trends & Stories Part I
Dr. Joseph Farrell
2017/07/062nd Quarter Wrap Up -
Enforce the Constitution
Congresswoman Cynthia
2017/06/29The Corruption and
Compromise of the NSA
William Binney
2017/06/22Unpacking the Gridlock on US
Health Care Reform

2017/06/15The Emerging Multipolar
World – Seeking a US Foreign
The Saker
2017/06/08Solari Food Series - An Urban
Homestead with Harry Blazer
Anais Dervaes
2017/06/01The Bilderberg Group &
Daniel Estulin
2017/05/23Live Solari Report! Protecting
Against EMF Radiation - What
5G Means to You
2017/05/18Edward Bernays & 10 Big Lies
of the 21st Century
Junious Ricardo Stanton
2017/05/12Interest Rate Swaps Rob Kirby
2017/05/05Bitcoin 101 Sarah Wiesner
2017/04/23The Emerging Multipolar
World - The US U-Turn in the
Middle East
The Saker
2017/04/171st Quarter Wrap Up - News
Trends & Stories
2017/03/30Cardiac Arrest: The
Criminalization of America
Howard Root
2017/03/23Live Webinar!
Unpacking Your
Financial Ecosystem
2017/03/17Precious Metals Market
Franklin Sanders
2017/03/10The Exchange Stabilization Fund Rob
2017/03/02The Deep State & Trump Budget Politic Richard Dolan
2017/02/23Health Care Independence Dr. Laura
2017/02/16Why We Love Bach Dr. Michael Linton
2017/02/09Political Control & Pedophilia Jon
2017/02/02The Emerging Multipolar World with the
Saker - Washington's Russia Meltdown
The Saker
2017/01/262016 Annual Wrap Up - The Global Harvest
and What It Means to Investors
2017/01/19Annual Wrap Up: Equity Overview & Rambus
Blockbuster Chartology
2017/01/122016 Annual Wrap Up - News Trends &
Stories Part II
Dr. Joseph Farrell
2016/12/29Best of the Solari Report: Making Your New
Year Resolutions Powerful - December 29
2016/12/22Best of the Solari Report 2016 - Editor Picks -
December 22
Don Coxe, Jason Bawden Smith, David Talbot
2016/12/22Dr. Joseph P. Farrell Virtual Pipe Organ
Dr. Joseph Farrell
2016/12/15Solari Food Series: A Culinary History of
Christmas - December 15th
Harry Blazer
2016/12/08Year End Tax Planning 2016 with Patty
Kemmerer - December 08th

2016/12/01Introduction to Rudolf Steiner with T.H.
Meyer - December 01
2016/11/24The Food Series - Francois Vecchio -
Charcutier, Salumiere, Wurstmeister -
November 24th
Francois Vecchio
2016/11/17Scenario Thinking with Eric Best - November
Eric Best
2016/11/10Rappoport, Farrell & Fitts on the Presidential
Election - November 10th
Dr. Joseph Farrell, Jon Rappoport
2016/11/03Protecting Against EMF Radiation with Jason
Bawden-Smith - November 3rd
2016/10/273rd Quarter Wrap Up - Investment Screening:
Can We Filter For Productive Companies? -
October 27th
2016/10/20Blockbuster Chartology with Rambus/3rd
Quarter Equity Overview with Catherine -
October 20th

2016/10/133rd Quarter Wrap Up - News Trends &
Stories, Part II - October 13th
Dr. Joseph Farrell
2016/10/063rd Quarter Wrap Up - News Trends &
Stories, Part I - October 6th
Dr. Joseph Farrell
2016/09/29The Emerging Multipolar World with Saker:
Russia, Syria & Recommendations for a
Trump Presidency - September 29th
The Saker

2016/09/22Rebuilding a Local Economy - September
2016/09/15All the World is a Stage with Sofia
Smallstorm - September 15th

2016/09/08The Real Rate of Inflation with Charles Hugh
Smith - September 08th
Charles Hugh
2016/09/01Precious Metals Market Report with Franklin
Sanders - September 01st
2016/08/25Solari Food Series – Pioneering Urban Farms
with Will Allen - August 25th
Will Allen
2016/08/18Human Communications Between Reality
and Official Reality with Jon Rappoport -
August 18th
Jon Rappoport
2016/08/11The Bechtel Corporation with Sally Denton -
August 11th
Sally Denton
2016/08/04Solari Food Series: Vital Soils - The
Foundation of Life, Part I - August 4th
Rick Freeman
2016/07/282nd Qtr Wrap Up: Theme: Productivity,
Prosperity & the Popsicle Index - July 28th

2016/07/21Blockbuster Chartology with Rambus/2nd
Quarter Equity Overview with Catherine -
July 21st
2016/07/142nd Quarter Wrap Up - News Trends &
Stories, Part II - July 14th
2016/07/072nd Quarter Wrap Up - Productivity,
Prosperity & the Popsicle Index - July 07th
2016/06/30Haiti & Disaster Capitalism with Dr. Dady
Chery - June 23rd
Dr. Dady
2016/06/23Soft Revolutions with Wayne Madsen - June
Wayne Madsen
2016/06/16Detoxing from Toxic Vaccines with Dr. Laura
Thompson - June 16th
Dr. Laura

2016/06/09The Emerging Multipolar World, With Saker:
Russia, Ukraine & the Risks of War - June 09th
The Saker
2016/06/02Introducing the Solari Food Series with Harry
Blazer - June 02nd
Harry Blazer
2016/05/26Precious Metal Market Report, With Franklin
Sanders, May 26th
2016/05/19JP Madoff, With Helen Chaitman, May 19thHelen Chaitman
2016/05/12Vaxxed & Other Great Stories of Suppression
with Jon Rappoport, May 12th
Jon Rappoport
2016/05/07The Devil's Chessboard with David Talbot,
May 05th
David Talbot
2016/04/28Precious Metal Market Report, With Franklin
Sanders, May 26th
2016/04/21Blockbuster Chartology with Rambus, April 21st
2016/04/141st Quarter Wrap Up:
Where to Stash Your Cash
in 2016, April 14th
2016/04/07The Saker: A Unipolar vs.
Multipolar World, April 7th
The Saker
2016/03/31What's Next? Commodities
& Negative Interest Rates,
With Don Coxe, March 31st
Don Coxe
2016/03/24Universities and High-Level
Financial Fraud, With Dr.
Darrell Hamamoto, March
Darrell Hamamoto
2016/03/17How To Buy and Install a
Safe With Dan Perkins,
March 17th
Dan Perkins
2016/03/10How? Health Freedom,
Educational Freedom, and
Financial Freedom With Jon
Rappoport - March 10th

2016/03/03The Future of America -
What's the Plan? With Dr.
Joseph Farrell - March 3rd
Joseph Farrel

2016/02/25Weapons of Mass
Migration: Forced
Displacement, Coercion,
and Foreign Policy with
Professor Kelly M. Greenhill
- Feb. 23rd
Kelly M. Greenhill
2016/02/18Precious Metals Market
Report, With Franklin
Sanders - Feb. 18th

2016/02/11Making Waves:
Entrepreneurship for
Everybody, With Jason
Bawden-Smith - Feb. 11th
2016/02/04Russia and Global
Geopolitics With the Saker -
Feb. 4th
The Saker

2016/01/28Rambus: Are We in a
Deflationary Spiral? - Jan.

2016/01/212016 & the Space Based
Economy with Dr. Joseph
Farrell - Jan. 21st
Joseph Farrel
2016/01/142015 Annual Equity
Overview - Jan 14th
2016/01/072015 Annual Wrap Up -
Space: Here We Go! - Jan

2015/12/17Homan Square: Is Someone
Prototyping Domestic
Rendition? - Dec. 17
Junious Ricardo Stanton
2015/12/10An Update on Global
Spraying with Clifford
Carnicom - Dec. 10
2015/12/03Agenda 21 with Rosa Koire
- Dec. 03
Rosa Koire
2015/11/105Health Care Directives with
Jo Kline Cebuhar - Nov.
Jo Kline Cebuhar
2015/11/26View this email in your browser
What's the Action? with
Sibel Edmonds - Nov. 26th
Sibel Edmonds
2015/11/19The U.S. Economy with
Robert Litan - Nov. 19th
Robert Litan
2015/11/12WOW! Secret Space
Program 2015 with Dr.
Joseph Farrell - Public
Solari Report - Nov. 12th
Dr. Joseph Farrell
2015/10/29Recapping the Third
Quarter with Dr. Joseph
Farrell - Oct. 29th
Dr. Joseph Farrell
2015/10/222015 3rd Quarter Wrap-Up -
Oct. 22
Dr. Joseph Farrell
2015/10/15The Dollar, Gold & the S&P
500 with Rambus
2015/10/01Changing Your Mind with
Jon Rappoport
Jon Rappoport
2015/09/24What You Need to Know
Now - Sep 24
2015/09/17The Offshore Financial
System with Lucy Komisar
Lucy Komisar
2015/09/10The Student Loan Scam
with Alan Michael Collinge
Alan Michael Collinge
2015/09/03What's Up This Fall 2015
2015/08/27Wellness: Staying
Energized this Fall with Dr.
Laura Thompson
Laura Thompson
2015/08/20False Flags with Richard
2015/08/13A Free & Inspired Life with
Franklin Sanders
2015/08/06At Home in the Heartland
with Dr. Joseph Farrell
Dr. Joseph Farrell
2015/07/30A New Teaching:
Imagination with Jon
Jon Rappoport
2015/07/23Real 2016 Issues with Former
Congresswoman Cynthia
Cynthia McKinney
2015/07/16Precious Metals Market
2015/07/092nd Quarter Wrap Up -
Infrastructure: Conquest or
2015/07/022nd Quarter 2015: Equity
2018/12/12The Solari Wellness Series: Longevity – Healthy Aging or Growing Young? with Dr. Vesna SkulDr. Vesna Skul
2018/12/152018 Holiday Greetings and Donations
2018/12/20The Best of the Solari Report – The 2018 Wrap Ups
2018/12/27The Best of the Solari Report – The Weekly Interviews & Special Reports
2018/12/232018 Holiday Greetings